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How much does an IT Support Specialist get paid?

IT support specialist pay

The salary that an IT Support Specialist gets paid will depend on several factors such as level of qualification, the amount of experience, and relevant qualifications undertaken in the field.

When looking at the salary, you will also need to take into account what is expected in a specific role. For instance, the role of an IT Support Specialist focuses on various different technology within an organisation. This can be anything from the software used to the actual hardware such as computers/printers or phones. Therefore, the salary can also depend on what software or hardware you are providing support for.

Here are what IT Support Specialists get paid on average at different levels of experience and different stages of their career.

What is the average salary for an IT Support Specialist?

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for an IT Support Specialist in the UK is round £30,277. However, this will vary depending on location. For example, you can expect to earn a higher average salary in London than if you were to look for a similar job in a small town such as Chesham. Glassdoor lists the average salary of an IT Support Specialist in London as £34,733, which as you can see is higher than the national average.

What is the entry-level salary for an IT Support Specialist?

The average graduate job in most fields will have a salary from £17,000 to £23,000. So that is the kind of range you should be looking for if you are fresh of University and want to secure your first role in IT Support.

This may increase depending on your degree, for example, if the degree is more relevant or if you were able to gain any other relevant qualifications or experience alongside your degree.

According to PayScale, the early career salary for a Technical Support Specialist in London is £26,692. So, that is something you can expect to receive after spending a few years in the industry.

How much does an IT Support Specialist get paid in the mid-career stage? 

If you have spent a substantial amount of time working within your field (around 5+ years) your salary will increase along with your skills and expertise in your area. In London, for this stage of your career, you can expect a salary of £34,437.

At this point in your career, you should make an effort to gain some leadership skills and work towards a leadership position. Additionally, investing in courses and qualification in specific areas will also help you progress further in your career.

How much does an IT Support Specialist get paid at a senior level?

At a senior level position as an IT Support Specialist in London, you can expect a salary of around £47,805. This will mean that you have knowledge of all areas of IT Support, and also have some areas in which you specialise in.

As with any position, the salary will change due to location, your employer, the size of the organisation and most importantly your skills and experience that you have gained.

There is a great room for progression in IT Support and there is definitely an opportunity to increase your salary by actively learning and achieving within your field.

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