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IT Support Jobs in London

There are thousands of IT Support Jobs in London across a wide variety of sectors and industries. IT Support Jobs in London play a crucial role amongst the working population in the capital city.

IT support jobs include all elements of IT Support from Network Support and Helpdesk Support to more specialist system support such as Citrix Support and Linux Support.

Entry level IT support jobs in London are a great way of getting IT work experience in the capital. It also allows you to get experience in a company that may offer many other IT career development opportunities.

IT support jobs are either found in-house, within a corporation or in an outsourced provider, whereby IT Support companies provide various IT services to a number of different companies.

IT Support Jobs in London - What can I earn?

Average Salaries for IT Support Jobs in London are as follows:

  • Desktop Support jobs £28,873
  • 1st line support jobs £23,936
  • 2nd line support jobs £27,078
  • 3rd line support jobs £37,562
  • Support Manager jobs £55,536
  • Support Analyst jobs £41,044

Data Source: IT Jobs Watch

IT Support Jobs in London - How do I get one?

There are hundreds of IT Support Jobs in London listed on Technojobs. View all our London IT Support Jobs here.

Experience is useful and qualifications mean you have a better chance of gaining a job. You should also demonstrate an understanding of key IT skills relevant to the job you are applying for and examples of using these skills – even if it using those skills in a home environment.

Many candidates also ignore the importance of your CV. Recruiters spend on average 20-30 seconds looking at a CV and no matter what experience and skills you may have, if the CV is not presented properly you won’t get an interview.

In today’s candidate rich environment, an outstandingly well presented CV is essential. CV Knowhow are experts in helping candidates develop a CV that will generate interviews.