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Latest Tech News

Latest Tech News

How Has Technology Impacted Financial Traders?

We now live in a world where you can execute a trade in as little as sixteen microseconds. By comparison, the blink of a human eye takes 300 milliseconds, and 1,000 microseconds...

Charlotte Attwood - 30.09.2016

Rio 2016- Technology and the Olympic Games

The Olympic Games have come a long way since they began in the 8th Century, but it’s not just the...

Charlotte Attwood - 15.08.2016

Continued Growth of Cloud Engineering Jobs in the UK

The number of Cloud Engineering jobs has almost doubled since last year according to data collected...

Alex Freeman - 30.03.2016

CV Advice

Do Jobseekers still need a CV?

Charlotte Attwood - 13.06.2016

7 unusual CV mistakes that employers hate

Charlotte Attwood - 24.05.2016

Interview Tips

Cracking the Office Dress Code with T.M.Lewin

Charlotte Attwood - 19.10.2016

Preparing for an IT Job Interview

Charlotte Attwood - 06.07.2016

Helpful Articles

Approaches to Project Management

Charlotte Attwood - 28.06.2016

What does it take to become an IT professional?

Charlotte Attwood - 20.06.2016

IT Job Roles

Top 7 tech skills for 2017

Charlotte Attwood - 20.12.2016

The Role of a Computer Games Tester

James Broom - 18.03.2016

Skills Focus

What is a Web Designer?

Technojobs Team - 21.05.2013

Average Web Designer Salary

Technojobs Team - 21.05.2013

IT Graduate Advice

3 Potential Career Paths for IT Graduates

Charlotte Attwood - 29.11.2016

Make your Graduate CV Stand Out

Charlotte Attwood - 13.05.2016

IT Jobs Abroad

IT jobs in New Zealand

Charlotte Attwood - 21.12.2016

IT Jobs in Norway

Charlotte Attwood - 18.05.2016