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Ways to stick to your New Year’s resolutions

Coming back to work and getting into a routine after having a long break over the Christmas period can be stressful and daunting...

Yasmin - 18.01.2019

How to make January more bearable

With the Christmas holidays coming to an end, it can be hard to get back into a routine in the New Year.

Yasmin - 09.01.2019

Career Advice

Why January is one of the best months for job hunting!

During the Christmas period it can be a struggle to search for a new job, but once that’s over it is a brand-new year, and some...

Yasmin - 04.01.2019

Top 3 Alternative Careers for IT Professionals

Very often in life, things don't go exactly as we had planned. You may embark on a journey into what you think would be your...

Charlotte Attwood - 19.10.2018

The best ways to pick up new skills at work

Whether you’re aiming for a big promotion, or simply wanting to be better at your job, there’s plenty of reasons why you should...

Charlotte Attwood - 14.05.2018

IT Jobs in the Army

IT job opportunities in Higher Education have increased thanks to technological innovations in Universities

Charlotte Attwood - 05.02.2018

Get the Right Training to Develop Your Career in IT

The key to getting a head start in your IT career lies in choosing the training courses that will ensure that you become an in-...

Charlotte Attwood - 25.01.2017

Why Christmas is a good time for job hunting!

It is very common that job seekers put their searches on hold over the Christmas period for a number of reasons such as wanting...

Charlotte Attwood - 14.12.2016

Top Tips to Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

Here are some tips to help optimise your LinkedIn profile.

Charlotte Attwood - 27.05.2016

7 unusual CV mistakes that employers hate

By now, we all know that spelling mistakes and cliché phrases will get your CV rejected quicker than you can say “hard-working...

Charlotte Attwood - 24.05.2016

Climb the Career Ladder with an IT certification

The Learning People discuss the benefits a certification in IT brings to your career.

Charlotte Attwood - 04.05.2016

Top tips to landing your dream job

Separating yourself can be difficult; however here are a few top tips to help you

Charlotte Attwood - 25.04.2016