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Want to get started in IT or work your way up the IT career ladder? We have helpful articles and guides that can advise on what job role is ideal for you, the skills required and how much you could earn from it.

Get the Right Training to Develop Your Career in IT

The key to getting a head start in your IT career lies in choosing the training courses that will ensure that you become an in-...

Charlotte Attwood - 25.01.2017

Why Christmas is a good time for job hunting!

It is very common that job seekers put their searches on hold over the Christmas period for a number of reasons such as wanting...

Charlotte Attwood - 14.12.2016

Career Advice

Top Tips to Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

Here are some tips to help optimise your LinkedIn profile.

Charlotte Attwood - 27.05.2016

7 unusual CV mistakes that employers hate

By now, we all know that spelling mistakes and cliché phrases will get your CV rejected quicker than you can say “hard-working...

Charlotte Attwood - 24.05.2016

Climb the Career Ladder with an IT certification

The Learning People discuss the benefits a certification in IT brings to your career.

Charlotte Attwood - 04.05.2016

Top tips to landing your dream job

Separating yourself can be difficult; however here are a few top tips to help you

Charlotte Attwood - 25.04.2016

IT Jobs in the Army

The British Armywork with some of the most sophisticated and innovative technology in the world to help combat, defend and secure...

Charlotte Attwood - 18.04.2016

IT Jobs in Universities and Higher Education

IT job opportunities in Higher Education have increased thanks to technological innovations in Universities

Charlotte Attwood - 07.04.2016
Average SAS Programmer Salary in the UK

Average SAS Programmer Salary

SAS Programmers can earn an average salary of £31,000 a year. Salaries can depend on a number of factors including experience,...

James Broom - 16.03.2016
IT Jobs Growth in Wales

IT Jobs Growth in Wales

Wales is known for its glorious landscapes, angelic voice choirs and its love of rugby, but it could soon become your next IT job...

James Broom - 17.02.2016

Average Salary of a Systems Administrator

A Systems Administrator can earn an average salary of £26,000 a year. Salaries can depend on a number of factors including...

James Broom - 12.02.2016
Find IT jobs from your mobile

Find IT jobs from your mobile

Today's technology has made searching for a IT jobs easier and more convenient than ever. Websites have become simpler to...

James Broom - 04.01.2016