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Once you’ve found the right job role that appeals to you, the next step is to make sure you appeal to the employer. Our tips can help make your CV stand out.

Let the best you shine through

The first recorded CV was produced by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1482. Leo listed his main talents as rock flinging and building...

Charlotte Attwood - 28.01.2019

Signs your CV needs professional help

Laura Sullivan at TopCV, the largest CV-writing service in the world, shares her advice on how to determine if it’s time to have...

Charlotte Attwood - 07.02.2018

CV Advice

Robotics Jobs

Everything you need to know about Robotics jobs

As more company’s start to employ robotics as part of their business, the amount of scepticism towards labour security has...

Charlotte Attwood - 17.07.2017

5 words stealing space on your CV (and 5 better choices)

Recent research according to CV-Library reveals that littering your CV with buzzwords is a major mistake that could jeopardize...

Charlotte Attwood - 14.07.2017

Do Jobseekers still need a CV?

Are traditional CV’s becoming a thing of the past?

Charlotte Attwood - 13.06.2016

7 unusual CV mistakes that employers hate

By now, we all know that spelling mistakes and cliché phrases will get your CV rejected quicker than you can say “hard-working...

Charlotte Attwood - 24.05.2016
How to Write a Personal Statement

How to Write a Personal Statement

A strong personal statement is an opportunity to make a big impact to a recruiter with just a few sentences.​

James Broom - 29.03.2016
Should I put a picture on my CV?

Should I include a picture on my CV?

In recent years, recruitment firms and employers have reported an increase in CV’s that include a picture of the candidate.

James Broom - 11.03.2016
7 Common CV Mistakes

Common CV Mistakes

Of all the mistakes you can make regarding your CV, sending it to an employer without properly proofing or double checking it for...

James Broom - 18.01.2016
How Social Media could affect your Job Prospects

How Social Media could affect your Job Prospects

Submitting a C.V and cover letter to a job role that you’re interested in might not be the only way of informing the company of...

James Broom - 07.12.2015
IT CV | How to write an IT CV

Writing a CV for IT Jobs

Useful advice for writing a CV. Your CV is the most important part of job hunting as it will generate interviews for you.

Technojobs Team - 21.12.2014
How to Write an IT Cover Letter

How To Write a Covering Letter for IT Jobs

The main purpose of writing a covering letter is to convince a recruiter to interview you before looking at your CV. Many people...

Technojobs Team - 12.12.2014