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5 reasons why you should always keep your CV up to date

5 reasons why you should always keep your CV up to date

Updating your CV can be a daunting task, that we only usually do when we are on the lookout for a new job opportunity. However, it doesn’t have to be as hard as you think, especially if you keep on top of adding new skills, responsibilities, or certifications to your CV.

Finding a new job is often overwhelming, so if you keep your CV up to date on a regular basis, it means you will make it much easier for yourself to search for new jobs when the time comes.

Still not convinced? We’ve put together 5 reasons why you should always keep your CV up to date.

1.     You’re ready for any opportunity

Sometimes new opportunities arise when you least expect it, whether you’ve unexpectedly been approached for a new job, or a promotion opportunity has arisen at work. If you waste time updating your CV, the new opportunity could have already passed, and you will have missed out. By having an updated CV to hand, you’ll be able to respond in a timely manner, showing your enthusiasm for the new position.

2.     You won’t miss out on any new skills or responsibilities

People often stay in their jobs for three to four years, so when it comes to updating your CV with the new skills you have learned and the responsibilities you have taken on it could take you a long time. You may also forget to skills you mastered at the start of your job, these could be the difference between getting the job and not getting the job. By reviewing your CV at the end of each month, you won’t miss out on any finer details.

3.     You’re prepared for unexpected situations

Even though you might be comfortable in your job, you may be faced with a sudden difficult situation, whether that’s being made redundant, or dismissed unexpectedly. The last thing you’ll want to do is spend time rewriting your CV, therefore if you already have an up to date you can apply to jobs almost instantly and reduce the amount of time being out of a job.

4.     You’ll save yourself time

When it comes to updating your CV, there might be a lot of details to include, especially if it hasn’t been touched in a few years! Not only do you need to spend time thinking about the skills and responsibilities you have picked up along the way, but you also need to be able to write them in a cohesive and clear manner. By the time you’ve updated your CV, you may have missed out on an opportunity.

5.     You’ll give yourself a confidence boost

Sometimes you forget how much you’ve achieved in your current job, it’s only when you sit down and write out all of your skills that you see just how much you have progressed. Acknowledging your successes can be a great confidence builder and may inspire you to work hard for a promotion at your current job. It may also make you consider other new job roles where you have transferable skills.

Remember, your CV update doesn’t need to be a tedious job if you keep it on top of it. It actually takes less hard work to update your resume more regularly, than it does once every three to four years, all it takes is 20 minutes at the end of each month. Additionally, reviewing your achievements can give you more self-assurance and a better sense of your career path.

If you decide to update your CV after reading this article, make sure you head over to our CV page and update your online version, so you are prepared for any job opportunities that may arise.

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