Developer Guides

The different types of developer jobs!

There are many different types of developers and the lines between distinguishing which one you are can be blurred.

Yasmin - 31.01.2019

Software Developer Job Description Template

A software developer job description can vary according to the needs of the organisation and team you will be part of.

Yasmin - 04.12.2018

Developer Guides

Tips on How to Become a Great Software Developer

If you want a challenging, dynamic and well-paid job, you should become a Software Developer.

Yasmin - 27.11.2018

Do I need a degree to become a developer?

When starting a career as a developer it is important that you do your research first to ensure it is something you have an...

Yasmin - 12.11.2018

The Role of an App Developer

An app developer is involved in the life cycle and can build, design and maintain applications.

Yasmin - 09.11.2018

The Difference Between Software Developers and Software Engineers

Software engineers and software developers are both involved in the designing and the making of a programme.

Yasmin - 08.11.2018

What is the Salary of a Software Developer?

It is important to know how much you’re earning when starting a job, why you may be earning that salary and what you can do to...

Yasmin - 07.11.2018

How to Become a Web Developer

Web developers have the responsibility for developing and designing websites and website applications.

Yasmin - 06.11.2018

The Role of a Software Developer

A software developer plays a key role in identifying, designing, installing and testing a software system they have built for a...

Yasmin - 05.11.2018