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Once you’ve found the right job role that appeals to you, the next step is to make sure you appeal to the employer. Our tips can help make your CV stand out.

Signs your CV needs professional help

Laura Sullivan at TopCV, the largest CV-writing service in the world, shares her advice on how to determine if it’s time to have...

Charlotte Attwood - 07.02.2018

5 words stealing space on your CV (and 5 better choices)

Recent research according to CV-Library reveals that littering your CV with buzzwords is a major mistake that could jeopardize...

Charlotte Attwood - 14.07.2017

CV Advice

Writing a CV for IT Contractors

Writing a CV for IT Contractors

As an IT contractor seeking new opportunities, having a competitive CV that really sells your skills and successes is vital. It...

Technojobs Team - 11.09.2014
Creating an Effective and Professional CV

Writing an Effective and Professional CV

Writing your CV seems like it should be easy to do. How tricky can it be to write down where you’ve worked and what you did when...

Charlotte Attwood - 17.06.2013
Writing a CV for a CCNA Role

Writing a CV for a CCNA Role

After completing your CCNA qualification, it is likely that you are going to be looking for CCNA jobs, so you’re going to need an...

Technojobs Team - 25.04.2013
Writing a CV for a SAP Role

Writing a CV for a SAP Role

As with most career paths, when applying for SAP jobs, it is essential that you have a well written SAP CV.

Technojobs Team - 18.04.2013
Writing a Business Analyst CV

Writing a Business Analyst CV

The idea of a CV is to display your work history and offer a hiring employer or recruiter an insight in to you as a person and a...

Technojobs Team - 02.04.2013
Business Analyst Cover Letter

Writing a Business Analyst Cover Letter

As for the majority of positions in the UK, the standard method of application for Business Analyst jobs is with a CV and...

Technojobs Team - 02.04.2013
Project Manager Cover Letter

Writing a Project Manager Cover Letter

When applying for Project Manager jobs it is highly likely that you will be required to submit a Project Manager cover letter...

Technojobs Team - 06.02.2013
Writing a CV for a Project Manager Role

Writing a CV for a Project Manager Role

Your CV is a snapshot of your character and your experience, and more importantly, probably the first contact you are likely to...

Technojobs Team - 30.01.2013
Writing a CV optimised for online

How to Get Your CV Noticed Online

Online job boards are a quick and easy way to promote yourself when looking for a new job, but to make sure you get the best...

Technojobs Team - 15.03.2012
Improve your CV with Knowhow CV

Improve your CV with Top CV

Competing in the job market is not easy mainly due to other people competing for the perfect IT job just like you. Did you know...

Technojobs Team - 09.12.2011