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Top 10 most in-demand IT graduate jobs in 2023

Top 10 most in-demand IT graduate jobs in 2023

According to a 2022 study from The British Computer Society (BCS), The Chartered Institute for IT, the number of people applying to study computer science degrees has risen by 13% this year - the biggest increase of any UK university subject.

Computer Science is also one of the most employable degrees with 62% of graduates finding work within 15 months of graduating. Companies are adopting new technologies to help with processes and therefore the demand for those with relevant skills is growing.

We’ve put together a list of 10 of the most in-demand IT graduate jobs in 2023.

1.      Graduate Software Developer

As a Graduate Software Developer, you will work closely with a team of Developers to help design and develop tools and processes. Day-to-day responsibilities may include maintaining and developing the company's software, recognising, and identifying new project opportunities as well as finding the best tools to create them.

The average salary of a Graduate Software Developer is £34,000

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2.      Graduate Software Engineer

As a Graduate Software Engineer, you will work with various teams, where you will have the opportunity to learn and develop key software engineering skills. Depending on the team you join, you could be working in front-end, back-end and/or full stack development applying various programming and scripting languages, as well as gaining experience in cloud computing platforms. You will also use your problem-solving skills to help your team in development sessions.

The average salary of a Graduate Software Engineer is £34,000

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3.      Graduate Analyst

As a Graduate Analyst, you will work closely with various teams including operations, commercial and development teams to help to answer all kinds of questions about the business. From providing insight into customer behaviour to conducting analyses to drive the business toward its goals. You will need to have excellent interpersonal and communication skills as well as strong problem-solving skills.

The average salary of a Graduate Analyst is £22,000

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4.      Graduate IT Support Engineer

As a Graduate IT Support Engineer, you will join a team starting off as first-line support, then after gaining experience working your way up to third-line support. Within an IT Support team, you work towards closing tickets raised by the customers and employees. Duties may involve managing the company databases and network, general user support, hands-on advice, and help with systems.

The average salary of a Graduate IT Support Engineer is £30,000

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5.      Graduate Data Analyst

As a Graduate Data Analyst, you will work with a larger data and analytics team helping to analyse and visualise data that provides thoughtful insights that you can share with the wider company. You will need excellent communication skills in order to translate your technical findings to those in the business from a non-technical background. You may also be involved with development projects that help with providing insight, such as finding suitable machine learning algorithms to solve their unique business challenges.

The average salary of a Graduate Data Analyst is £21,750

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6.      Graduate IT Support Technician

As a Graduate IT Support Technician, you will join an IT Support team, where you will help to operate and maintain computer systems and networks, as well as ensuring employees have the most effective IT functionality. You will gain experience as the first point of contact for IT Support within an organisation, as well as assisting in installing, configuring, and maintaining software and hardware components of company computers and network systems.

The average salary of a Graduate IT Support is £26,500

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7.      Graduate Project Manager

As a Graduate Project Manager or Junior Project Manager you are responsible for helping to convert company strategy into actions. This includes helping Senior Project Managers to complete high-quality projects on time and on budget. You need excellent communication skills in order to develop stakeholder relationships as well as strong critical thinking skills to help participate in the development of new ideas.

The average salary of a Graduate Project Manager is £23,750

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8.      Graduate Test Engineer

As a Graduate Test Engineer, you'll work with a wider team, writing and executing tests and helping with the support and maintenance of test plans. It's your job to work with the team to carry out tests to detect bugs and issues with a product before it reaches the user. You might join at the start of a project to assess potential risks or be brought in later when testing becomes necessary. You’ll need an excellent eye for detail as well as great communication skills.

The average salary of a Graduate Test Engineer is £26,000

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9.      Graduate Cloud Engineer

Some IT Graduates have not had training in cloud computing, and therefore many companies offer training to graduates who wish to become Cloud Engineers. Companies can offer opportunities to help build your understanding of DevOps, Cloud, and Automation tools by building labs, environments, and platforms. After learning the fundamentals of cloud computing you will work with a cloud engineering team as well as other teams including data engineers, to ensure a project is delivered safely, reliably, and within the desired time scales.

The average salary of a Graduate Cloud Engineer is £35,750

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10. Graduate Web Developer

In a Graduate Web Developer or Junior Web Developer role you will work with the web development team to design numerous websites, webpages, and applications, whilst working with all elements of software design and coding. You will need excellent communication skills in order to work with programmers and other third parties to implement web features, as well as the ability to communicate with colleagues regarding aesthetic decisions and technical aspects throughout the development process. Find out more about graduate jobs in web development.

The average salary of a Graduate Cloud Engineer is £25,000

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These are just a few of the IT graduate jobs that are available to those with a degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or any similar field.  There are many different career paths for IT graduates, so be sure to do your research and find out what field interests you the most.