Benefits of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for IT professionals

Benefits of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for IT professionals

Today, most jobs involve the use of the Internet, and digitilisation is only spreading further. IT positions are perhaps the most engaged in this ubiquitous transformation. From smartphone apps to office mail clients, software products that work online are vulnerable to all sorts of Internet threats. A Virtual Private Network is a powerful defensive weapon. 

Once the program is on, it masks the user’s actual IP address, keeping the location private and the connection secure. However, there are many other benefits to gain. To see how different virtual private networks function, compare them in a VPN review where details are provided. Here is a brief look at the major advantages delivered by these pieces of software.

1. Boosted Security

Not only is your location hidden, but the Internet session is also encrypted and thus impenetrable for third-party attacks. Today, cybercriminals keep on devising new methods of stealing sensitive data. We are no more secure at home than in the office, and all the data we share online is targeted by crooks. Protection is essential for individuals and companies alike.

2. Remote Access

Nowadays, staff often need to be available 24/7. Additionally, teleworking schemes allow working from home. With a VPN, employees gain access to the data they need wherever they are.

This feature is also essential for business travelers. A VPN will let you choose from several locations, both in your country and overseas. Overall, in this regard, it contributes to boosting company efficiency.

3. Unblocking Sites & Bypassing Blocks

Wherever you go on a business trip abroad, you may find yourself unable to access the sites you normally use. For example, China and other states impose strict policies on Internet use for their citizens. This would be an insurmountable obstacle but for the VPN software tools.

Whether you need to open your corporate files or watch your favorite series on Netflix, VPN is the only way to bypass geo-restrictions. In this regard, virtual private networks are essential weapons in the fight against Internet censorship.

4. Anonymity and Safety

It is important to understand that a browser incognito mode does not hide your IP from third parties. They may still interfere and obtain your sensitive data. Hence, VPN brings enhanced anonymity, combining it with data protection. With a VPN, you can use web applications and websites alike whilst remaining perfectly anonymous.

5. Better Performance

An efficient VPN system may boost both the bandwidth and efficiency of your network. For companies, this means reduced costs, as maintenance is very affordable.

6. Public Wi-Fi

Whenever you use public Wi-Fi hotspots, you are exposed to various malicious attempts. First, there are so-called impostor networks disguised as legit hotspots. These usually have a name very similar to the genuine hotspot, hoping to lure you in and leak your data.

Secondly, there are interferences known as man-in-the-middle attacks. In this case, the network is legit, but the data you share with a website (which may include credit card information and other sensitive data) is seen by the third party. The next time you decide to connect to the free Internet, make sure your VPN is working. This way, you will be protected from cybercrime.

7. File Sharing

Finally, a VPN is indispensable for groups of users. File sharing, especially over  lengthy periods, is best done with encryption.

Beware of threats on the web and make sure to defend yourself against them.