Continued Growth of Cloud Engineering Jobs in the UK

Continued Growth of Cloud Engineering Jobs in the UK

The number of Cloud Engineering jobs has almost doubled since last year according to data collected by Technojobs.

The demand for jobs in cloud engineering has risen considerably as more and more businesses continue to adopt cloud services to provide advanced storage solutions and on-demand access to networks. With cloud services such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and OpenStack gaining momentum in the IT industry, many companies are looking to hire engineers who have the experience to design and deploy these web services in the cloud.

Today’s business relies heavily on IT and the innovations in technology are providing better, more efficient services to improve operations. An IDC report sponsored by Microsoft highlighted the increase in demand for cloud based roles, predicting 7 million positions within the next 2-3 years.

As of March 2016, Technojobs had nearly 300 IT jobs in cloud engineering and over 600 cloud based roles including cloud security, network engineers and cloud architects. This is almost double from the year before with cloud based roles rising by 47.7%. In most cases, a cloud engineer can encompass the responsibilities and skills of the aforementioned job roles which have caused a heightened demand for this type of role.

Companies and organisations that are recruiting cloud engineers with at least three to five years’ experience with cloud and web services. Employers are actively looking for individuals with experience in OpenStack, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Linux and who are familiar with programming languages including Java, Python and Ruby.

However, the skills gap in today’s job market means many of these cloud positions may become unfilled due to candidates lack of cloud-related training and key skills. Cloud engineers should be able to understand the base technological theories of web services including storage, user management, networking, open-source, virtualization, applications and more. Cloud computing is more than just a product but it is a technology that combines many key resources and data which takes a lot of training and skills to become accustomed to.

The most popular location for cloud engineer vacancies is central London and the South East. The average UK salary can be as much as £52,000, which has seen a 17% increase from the previous year. Contractors can earn a daily rate of up to £460 which has also seen an increase of 44.6% from last year.