Coronavirus: Why now is the perfect time to plan for your next tech role

Coronavirus: Why now is the perfect time to plan for your next tech role

Whether you are already in a tech role, are currently unemployed or have unfortunately been made redundant, now may be the perfect time for you to plan your next career move. The spread o coronavirus has halted the economy and a great number of businesses have suffered as a consequence, resulting in employee lay-offs. Due to the latest advice given by the government, we should also all be practising social distancing, which could make it a tricky time to find a new job. However, this can actually help those looking for a career change/progression by giving them the time they need to plan.

Here is why during this pandemic is the perfect time to plan for your next tech role.

Use social distancing to plan your move

Due to the current advice put in place, everyone has been instructed to practice social distancing, meaning they are to stay away from pubs, restaurants and generally be at home as much as possible away from other people to avoid further spread of the virus. Although, this can be a little scary and overwhelming, it does allow you to take time to consider your career and your next move

Take this time to really think about your career and where you want to take it in your next tech role. Use this time to research different sectors within IT or what the next natural step up is in your field.

Time to perfect your CV

Now is the time to take advantage of the free time available. Most people will now be working from home, which will help them save a number of hours which they would have spent commuting. You can use this extra time to perfect your CV so it’s in shape when the right opportunity comes along.

It is also worth considering getting a professional to look at your CV. CV creators and advisors have in-depth knowledge which can help you stand out and secure your next role.

Upskill using online resources

When it comes to adding to your skills, you may not necessarily think that you can do this from the comfort of your home. However, there are countless resources online which allow you to gain new skills and qualifications to help you progress in your career.

This again is the opportunity to use your time productively. This can especially help those who have either lost their job and/or are currently unemployed and are looking to find their dream job.

Take your shot with your dream job

Due to the uncertain economic climate, a great number of companies have frozen their recruitment processes. However, there are also plenty that are still currently looking to hire for their business. So, if you are in need of a job there are a number of things you can do to improve your chances of getting the right role, this includes:

  • Sign up to the Technojobs candidate database – this means that the employers still actively looking for tech candidates can find your CV and come to you.
  • Get the latest job vacancies to your inbox – Instead of searching for hundreds of jobs, just fill the form, and we will send you relevant job vacancies straight to your inbox as and when they become available.
  • Follow the advice given in this article including making sure your CV is updated, that you are being proactive in adding to your skillset and you are searching for the right role.

Video interviews are the way forward

Although you might think now is not the best time to apply for jobs because you’re unsure of how you will be interviewed. Many employers are actually now choosing to interview potential candidates either by phone calls and/or video calls. Now is still a great time to apply for jobs, just make sure you are prepared for your video interview.

Take your time and take care

Whether you are keeping up with the news or just browsing on social media, there is no escaping the overwhelming amount of information on the coronavirus. If this is giving you anxiety and a sense of panic, it’s advised that you keep the time spent consuming information to a limit. Instead, use that time to think about your career, your potential future employers and your next tech role.