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Microsoft to bring its database software SQL Server to Linux

Microsoft has revealed plans to bring its SQL Server Database software to Linux, an OS previously criticised by the Redmond based...

Alex Freeman - 08.03.2016

New Raspberry Pi 3 now comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

The organisation behind the popular British micro-computer has now unveiled its latest iteration - the Raspberry Pi 3, which now...

Alex Freeman - 02.03.2016

Top Free Game Engines for Computer Game Developers

Whether you're just starting out in computer game development or already have experience in making your own games, you'...

James Broom - 01.03.2016

How Motor Racing is Dependent on Technology

A day at the races always delivers an entertaining and exhilarating atmosphere that certainly leaves a lasting impression for...

James Broom - 26.02.2016

Scotland's digital tech sector to have 70,000 IT jobs created by 2020

It is predicted that Scotland could see 70,000 new IT jobs created within the digital tech sector by 2020, according to trading...

James Broom - 24.02.2016

HSBC to replace passwords with voice recognition and fingerprint technology

HSBC has announced that it will soon replace regular text password for voice recognition and fingerprint technology

Georgina Stobbart - 19.02.2016

5D Data Storage technology could keep your data preserved for billions of years

Scientists at The University of Southampton have taken a major step forward in developing data storage technology that could keep...

James Broom - 18.02.2016

What were the fastest growing IT jobs in the last 12 months?

Using Technojobs data, we put together a list of the fastest growing IT jobs in the UK within the last 12 months.

James Broom - 16.02.2016

Our top tech (and geeky) inspired Valentine's Day Greetings

With Valentine’s Day just round the corner, it sometimes takes more than flowers and chocolates to express your love. It often...

Alex Freeman - 12.02.2016

Amazon announces its free computer game engine Lumberyard

Amazon recently announced its beta release of its new computer game development engine, Amazon Lumberyard. The best part - it...

James Broom - 11.02.2016