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Budget 2016: PSC contractors to face tax crackdown from 2017

The recent Budget 2016 announcement spelt bad news for a number of contractors who work for the public sector.

James Broom - 17.03.2016

Brexit survey shows 70% of UK tech businesses want to remain in the EU

As Britain prepares itself for June's referendum to decide whether it should remain in the European Union or not, a large...

Georgina Stobbart - 15.03.2016

National Apprenticeship Week to help promote and celebrate UK apprenticeship

This week is National Apprenticeship Week, an initiative that celebrates and promotes apprenticeship and the positive impact they...

James Broom - 14.03.2016

Will the cyber security market hit £120 billion by 2020?

The security market is expected to exceed £120 billion by 2020 as online security becomes a greater priority for businesses,...

Alex Freeman - 10.03.2016

International Women's Day - The Most Influential Women in Tech

Even though the technology sector has seen a major growth of IT jobs within the UK, the lack of women holding key roles in the...

Georgina Stobbart - 08.03.2016

Microsoft to bring its database software SQL Server to Linux

Microsoft has revealed plans to bring its SQL Server Database software to Linux, an OS previously criticised by the Redmond based...

Alex Freeman - 08.03.2016

New Raspberry Pi 3 now comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

The organisation behind the popular British micro-computer has now unveiled its latest iteration - the Raspberry Pi 3, which now...

Alex Freeman - 02.03.2016

Top Free Game Engines for Computer Game Developers

Whether you're just starting out in computer game development or already have experience in making your own games, you'...

James Broom - 01.03.2016

How Motor Racing is Dependent on Technology

A day at the races always delivers an entertaining and exhilarating atmosphere that certainly leaves a lasting impression for...

James Broom - 26.02.2016

Scotland's digital tech sector to have 70,000 IT jobs created by 2020

It is predicted that Scotland could see 70,000 new IT jobs created within the digital tech sector by 2020, according to trading...

James Broom - 24.02.2016