3 per cent of UK web designers and developers say they have never had a late payment

New research has revealed that only 3% of UK web designers or web developers say they have never been paid late by a client.

The findings, carried out by online accounting pioneer FreeAgent highlighted that professionals in web design and development routinely deal with late-payments and that 59% of have waited 3 months or more to get paid for their services. One in five web designers have had to write off unpaid fees worth more than £1,000 for work they have completed which is a concern for contractors and freelancers across the UK. It was also highlighted that 20% of respondents avoided chasing up any unpaid invoices from clients with concerns it may damage any relationships with the client.

FreeAgent, the online accounting software provider that commissioned the research, polled 100 web designers and developers based in the UK to find out more about the challenges faced when managing their finances.

“Late payment is a huge issue for many small businesses in the UK, but it’s eye-opening to see just how widespread it is for web designers and developers." said Ed Molyneux, CEO and co-founder of FreeAgent.

“When you’re running a small business, that’s a major blow to your cashflow. If you’re a freelancer or running a very small agency, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to cover that kind of loss easily, or survive a prolonged cash drought while you wait for a client to pay up."

“Calling or emailing a client and asking them to settle their invoice once it’s overdue is a good start. But it’s also important to be more proactive from the outset in order to minimise the chance of a lengthy wait to get money that you’re owed. By setting clear payment terms up front, asking for part payment in advance, sending invoices immediately after work is completed and agreeing penalties for late payment, you may find you’re more likely to get paid quickly.”

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