IT Job Roles

It’s important to know that there is no single career path when it comes to working in engineering. Of course, your career path in engineering will ultimately depend on your qualification level.
IT trainers design and deliver training courses on a wide range of computer software applications. These courses range from common desktop programs and PC maintenance to advanced technical areas such as programming.
GDPR jobs (General Data Protection Regulation) will be in high demand during 2017 and 2018 as businesses start to get to grips with the upcoming legislation that will affect everyone. GDPR will go live on the 25th May 2018.
The world of IT and Technology is constantly evolving and the popularity and demand of different tech roles is always changing. While 2016 was the year of IT architecture and analytics, 2017 sees a few changes within the tech sector.
A computer game tester isn't just about playing video games all day - it can be a demanding role that takes a lot of commitment, repetitiveness and perseverance.
An online content manager is mainly responsible for the creation and editing of information and media content on a company website.
The role of a data scientist is a relatively new breed of analytical data experts thanks to Big Data technology and is an evolution of the business or data analyst. The demand for data scientists has grown significantly because of this.
A Java Developer is responsible for the programming and development of applications and software using the popular programming language, Java.
A Social Media Manager is a relatively new position but it has certainly gained prominence in recent years what with Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media platforms becoming the most powerful and popular way to engage with consumers, attract new customers and increase overall brand awareness.
As an ecommerce manager you have the role and responsibility of looking after a website that focuses on the buying, trading and selling of products and services to the public or for business purposes.
Do you see yourself as an individual who can efficiently manage several projects at once? Do you also have the ability to oversee the purpose and status of each project?
The role of an IT consultant is to be a technical specialist that focuses on integrating information technology into businesses and showing clients how to use IT more efficiently to help reach objectives and targets.
A UX Designer is responsible for the strategizing and execution of an interface that provides the best experience possible for both the company and user. UX, or user experience, is the person’s attitude and interaction towards a system or service such as a website, web application, mobile app or operating system.
IT Security is the information security which is applied to technology and computer systems. It focuses on protecting computers, networks, programs and data from unauthorised access or damage.
The term Business Analyst is used to describe someone who assesses an existing business and its systems to identify business needs and resolve business issues.
The role of a quantity surveyor is to manage the costs relating to building projects. This may include new builds, renovations or maintenance work.
SAP professionals are those who know the software created by SAP and are well versed in the uses as well of the pros and cons of each of the different SAP software.
A Business Analyst is responsible for investigating and analysing business activities and processes and looking to make them more efficient through the use of IT resources (both hardware and software).
A Project Manager is responsible for the planning and execution of a specific project. They are involved with the planning, design, execution, monitoring and controlling aspects of each project – ensuring that it is completed on time and to budget.
The main responsibility of a Web Designer is to ensure that the website that they are creating is appealing to the desired target audience and, as a result, catches their attention.
The term Project Manager is used across several industries that produce products and provide services including construction, architecture and IT to describe someone who has the responsibility for the full lifecycle of a project.
The term Business Analyst is used to describe someone who assesses an existing business and its systems to identify business needs and resolve business issues.
A good web designer needs to have both creative graphic skills and technical skills. They need to be able to visualise how a site will look (the graphical design of the site) and how it will function (conversion of a design into a working website).
The role of an IT Sales professional falls into three categories; pre-sales, sales and post sales support.
Software engineers, also sometimes known as software developers, build and design computer programs to meet with corporate requirements.
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