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Is mechanical engineering a good career?

Is mechanical engineering a good career?

What is a Mechanical Engineer?

Mechanical Engineers design and create mechanical equipment and systems to help businesses reduce overall costs and improve productivity within the company. They are responsible for designing, building, testing, and inspecting the machines used. They use technical software applications to help with their designs.

They also need to be on hand for technical support and advice within the company. They need to be able to help identify opportunities for product development whilst keeping in line with industry standards.

Research and development are also a big part of the job, it is important to be commercially aware of trends within the industry they are working in. Research can involve looking into new materials and process innovations to help stay ahead of the competition.

What qualifications do you need to be a Mechanical Engineer?

Whilst a degree in mechanical engineering is preferred it is not vital. To become a Mechanical Engineer, you will need a degree in engineering or the equivalent qualifications combined with relevant work experience.

What responsibilities do Mechanical Engineers have?

A Mechanical Engineers’ responsibilities will depend on the industry they are in but more often than not they involve the following:

  • Design and develop technical plans based on research ideas
  • Research and develop new materials and production techniques
  • Implement modern technologies to help reduce costs and improve workflow
  • Conduct product testing
  • Overseeing quality control and overall maintenance of products
  • Present ideas for new products to managers and clients
  • Work within allocated budgets and timeframes to complete projects
  • Analyse and interpret data from
  • Provide technical support within the company

What skills are needed to be a Mechanical Engineer?

Technical skills:

  • Mathematical skills
  • Knowledge of CAD/CAM software
  • Product design
  • Tools including 3D printers
  • Prototyping
  • Testing and troubleshooting
  • Workflow development


Soft skills:

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Communication skills, verbal and non-verbal
  • Leadership and Collaboration skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Analytical thinking
  • Creativity

How much do Mechanical Engineers make?

Starting average salary- £39,500

Mid-level salary - £58,250

High-Level salary - £68,750

What industries do Mechanical Engineers work in?

Mechanical engineers can work in the majority of industries, some industries that are currently in high demand include:

  • Automotive and transport
  • Aerospace
  • Construction
  • Medicine
  • Defence
  • Energy
  • Sport

Over the past year, the demand for Mechanical Engineers has increased by 13%, this is due to continuous innovation within companies. Businesses are always looking for new ways to reduce costs and improve productivity, and Mechanical Engineers can play a big part if the company relies heavily on machinery.

Whether you have years of experience or just recently graduated, there is plenty of opportunities available for Mechanical Engineers across a variety of industries. If you have the necessary skills and experience to become a Mechanical Engineer, click here to see our live jobs.

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