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IT Jobs in Norway

With its high standard of living, fantastic welfare system and low unemployment figures, it’s no doubt that an IT job in Norway is certainly a consideration for many.

Norway presides in the western portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula and has a popular of 5 million. It is known for having a very good working conditions and having one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe.

The job market in Norway has high demand for a variety of industries and due to the skills shortages and gaps, the tech sector is one of the biggest employers.

Working in Norway

Thanks to good working conditions and high wages, there is certainly an attraction to working in Norway. The addition of five weeks paid holiday, maternity leave and socially conscious paternity leave means you work less for more pay. The selection of IT jobs in Norway varies between development roles and project managers.

Taxation in Norway is considered very high and paying taxes is very important. A foreigner who wants to work in Norway will require a tax card from the Tax authorities (Selvangivelse). The income tax rate is 36% for everyone and is higher for the richer and lower for the poorer. The high tax rates ensure equality in access to healthcare and education and a high standard of living.

For a foreigner wanting to work in Norway it is important you learn the Scandinavian language and build up a network of contacts as the recruitment process can be more favourable to nationals than foreigners due to the language and culture barrier.

Norwegian Visas and Immigration

As Norway is a member of the European Economic Area, citizens of the European Union (EU) can live and work in Norway for up to three months. After that it is a requirement to register to have a job in Norway. EC and EU citizens have the right to move to another EU country with a work permit and can enjoy equal treatment with nationals in access to employment, decent working conditions and other tax advantages.

Living in Norway

The capital of Norway is Oslo which boasts a lively nightlife, plenty of sights and attractions and an impressive public transport network which includes trams, buses, ferries and taxis. Other popular cities in Norway include Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger. The country borders Sweden, Finland and partially Russia.

The country has a friendly and pleasant climate due to the Gulf Stream and warm air currents. It shares the same latitude as Alaska, Greenland Siberia and the coolest areas in the winter are often inland or far to the north.

Home ownership rates can be very high and apartments or houses may be considered small by western standards. Renting an apartment can be quite difficult to come by, especially in Oslo, which can be quite expensive and can be as much as 35% higher than other parts of the country.

Finding an IT Jobs in Norway

The IT skills shortage in Norway has resulted in a strong demand for IT professionals across a broad range of sectors. The most common IT jobs in Norway currently in demand include developer, programmer and project manager roles.