IT jobs in Hong Kong

IT jobs in Hong Kong

Hong Kong boasts one of the most open, thriving and prosperous economies in the world. It is the most modern and developed part of China, with a high standard of living, low taxation and currency stability making it an ideal location for those seeking IT jobs in Hong Kong.

The capital city of Hong Kong, Victoria is also an important banking and financial centre and the leading telecommunications hub for the Asia Pacific region, so there are thousands of IT jobs in Hong Kong. Some of the world's most sophisticated computer system applications can be found in Hong Kong's financial sector. The electronic off-platform trading system of the Hong Kong's stock exchange and the inter-bank real time gross settlement system are far superior to that of many other rival systems in the world.

There are good employment opportunities in the financial, logistics and information technology service sectors in Hong Kong and the rate of growth in these sectors is expected to continue to grow. To search and apply for IT jobs in Hong Kong click here.

Working practices

Like many countries throughout the world Hong Kong suffers from a shortage of IT skills. As a result the demand for generic developer skills such as Java, C++ and C# is high.

Similar to the UK, Hong Kong law provides statutory holidays, sickness allowance, paid annual leave and employment protection for its employees. As a general rule many companies in Hong Kong only provide employees with a maximum of 14 days annual leave.

Hong Kong is well known for its strong work ethic and for most people the average working week consists of more then 50 hours.

Applying for jobs

Applying for IT jobs in Hong Kong requires the traditional CV and covering letter. As with all job applications it is important to tailor your CV and covering letter to each specific job. It is also important to ensure that the CV is full, clear and well presented.

Interviews in Hong Kong are formal and the selection process usually consists of more than one interview. Psychometric testing during the interview process is becoming more frequent. These tests include verbal and numerical testing, personality profiling and a test of language ability.

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English and Chinese are Hong Kong’s two official languages. The Cantonese dialect is the most commonly spoken language in the territory – though English is the main business language. This makes it easy for ex-pats to work in Hong Kong.

Living in Hong Kong

The cost of living in Hong Kong is amongst the highest in the world. Accommodation, either rented or bought, consumes the majority of most people’s salaries. Accommodation consists of apartments in high-rise complexes. The rental cost of a typical one-bed apartment in Hong Kong is likely to cost £1200+ per month.

Food and entertainment however are less expensive. Public transport is reliable, clean, safe and a cost effective form of transport. Taxis are also reasonably priced making a car a non essential item in Hong Kong.

Finding an IT job in Hong Kong

The shortage of IT skills in Hong Kong has caused a demand for IT professionals with knowledge of specialist skills such as SAP, Oracle, Java, C++ and C#. Hong Kong’s main industries revolve around the financial sector and as such there is also a demand for financial and banking IT jobs such as financial analysts, front office jobs, capital market jobs and greenfield jobs.