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Preparing for an IT Job Interview

Many people find the job interview the most daunting part of the whole application process as there is a lot of pressure when you are face to face with a hiring employer.

Here we take a quick look at a list of the ways that you can prepare in order to be as confident and relaxed as possible on the day. Some might seem quite obvious, but as most people don’t go to interview very often, its a good idea to remind yourself.

Work on answers to commonly asked interview questions

There are a few questions that are very common interview openers as they are designed to get you talking and feeling a little more relaxed. It’s a great idea to prepare for these questions with a 2-3 minute response that starts with a strong statement “I am a Software Developer with 10 years’ experience in coding languages such as C+, Java and Python.”

Be prepared to explain gaps in your CV

No work history is perfect, but if you have a way of telling a story around these areas planned before the interview – when the question comes up you will be able to answer it in a much clearer way without getting defensive.

Re-read the job description and person specification

By reading and re-reading the job description and person specification you can identify experiences from your work history that demonstrate key skills or knowledge. Employers love to hear about real life applications of skills and so having a bank of good examples is a great way of ensuring you deliver compelling answers.

Think about questions you may be asked about your specialism

Most interviewers are likely to ask questions related to the specific job/type of job you are applying for, for example, if you are a Project Manager you may be asked about PM methodologies or particular tools. You can find examples of commonly asked IT & technical skill based interview questions here.

Prepare your outfit

Dressing well can help your confidence as well as making a good impression, so make sure you know what you’re going to wear and have it ironed and ready for the morning of your interview.

Work out travel arrangements

Make sure you know where you’re going and how to get there before the morning of your interview. Getting lost or running late can be incredibly stressful and cause heightened anxiety throughout the interview. Check timetables if you are traveling on public transport or pre-program your route in to a sat-nav if you are driving.

Take the job description and your CV with you

If you have any other advice or examples of how these tips have helped you in your interviews, drop us a note in the comments section below!

Good luck!