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Ten common interview questions for software developers

Ten common interview questions for software developers

When it comes to interviews you should always be prepared for a range of different questions, whether it is more personal questions about your previous jobs or education, or if it is more technical questions about the skills you have learned along the way.

Prior to the interview, it is important to read thoroughly over the job description and look for any technicalities that you can talk about that will give you the upper hand. They might have mentioned specific programming languages, or maybe they’ve bullet-pointed specific skills you also have.

We have put together a list of ten common interview questions you might expect as a software developer.

1. Tell me about your experience as a software developer.

This is your opportunity to let the interviewer know about the skills you have learned during your previous roles and your professional experience so far. It is also an opportunity to show a bit more of your personality. So, think of highlights within your career so far, and share a project of which you are proud.

2. Why did you become a software developer?

This gives the interviewer an idea of how enthusiastic you are about your job. There might be an aspect within software development that you particularly enjoy. For example, as a software developer, you need to have strong commercial and business awareness. Perhaps mention your interest in helping the business succeed.

3. What programming languages do you have experience with, and which ones do you prefer?

This question allows you to share your programming knowledge. Be sure to see if any languages are mentioned in the job description and mention them if you have experience with them. If you have not learned the programming languages they have mentioned, be sure to let them know you are willing to learn and adapt.

4. What are the most important things to look for when checking a colleague’s code?

Software developers need to have excellent attention to detail. So be sure to list some of the checks you would implement within your work. For example, does it meet the requirements, do you need to look at styling, formatting, design patterns, etc? If you give an example here the interviewer will know you have trusted experience.

5. How do you explain your work to colleagues and stakeholders without a technical background?

One of the top soft skills for software developers is communication skills. Employers want to know you can articulate your ideas to team members and stakeholders. Make sure you have an example ready for this question, for example, you might have done a pitch on a project you were in charge of in your last job, in front of colleagues. You might have used visuals or storytelling for comparative situations.

6. Tell me about a time when you were faced with a problem, and how did you solve it?

Another top skill for software developers is problem-solving and critical thinking. A lot of their time is spent debugging, which involves identifying and fixing errors. Think of an example to share with the interviewer and use technical language to display your knowledge and understanding.

7. How do you keep up to date with software development trends?

Companies want to know their potential employees are invested in personal development. So let the interviewer know any courses you have done previously or are currently doing. You may also want to tell them about any blogs you subscribe to or if you have been to any developer events.

8. What software development life cycle (SDLC) models do you use?

There are a few different software development life cycles models you can use, so make sure to check in the job description to see if they have mentioned their preferred one. If you are not experienced in the one mentioned, then let the interviewer know you are willing to learn new ones. As well as mentioning which SDLC you use, mention the steps within the process so the interviewer knows you have in-depth knowledge.

9. What is the benefit of designing scalable applications and how do you do it?

Scalability is a particularly important aspect for software developers, as it allows for lower maintenance costs and a better user experience. So, to be able to communicate your knowledge of this to the interviewer will give them confidence in your ability.

10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

Interviewers want to know career aspirations and whether or not you are willing to grow within their company. They want to know they are investing in their employees. In the job description, If in the job description they have mentioned career growth opportunities, you might say in 5 years you see yourself becoming a manager and being in charge of a team within their company.

These are just a few of the interview questions that you could come across in your interview. Make sure you have read the job description and think of real-life examples to share with the interviewer.

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