What tech skills will grow in 2020 because of the Coronavirus outbreak?

What tech skills will grow in 2020 because of the Coronavirus outbreak

Research carried out by staffing firm Robert Walters, found that the tech sector in the UK is one of the fastest-growing and will remain resilient despite the spread of the COVID-19. The number of job vacancies has seen an increase in the Q1 of 2020, even though a number of companies had put freezes on recruitment at the latter stage of the quarter. Permanent job vacancies increased by 32% year on year while contract roles within IT increased by 48%. Some of the major cities saw increases of vacancies including London, Milton Keynes, Birmingham and Manchester.

Here are some of the tech skills that will grow in 2020 because of the Coronavirus outbreak.

IT Programmers & Developers

A programmer is an essential part of helping to keep a business running effectively. They are responsible for making sure that the programmes used by the company are operating smoothly. This is especially important now as staff are working from home and may face additional issues. In the study, it was found that the level of vacancies for programmers increased the most in the month leading up to the study at 18%. Programmers are high in demand.

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IT Consultants/Specialists

IT consultant’s roles increased by 13%. IT Consultants will help a business navigate its IT and tech issues and make sure the business objectives are met. Right now, especially the businesses that heavily rely on their tech will need support from IT Consultants/specialists for transformation programmes as businesses evolve to a new way of working and customer expectations.

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IT Support staff

The demand for general IT staff has increased. This is likely because as mentioned previously their assistance may be required more often as the majority of staff work from home. The role of an IT Support professional is to ensure that all employees of a business can effectively carry out their work. This can include helping with the setup of remote working.

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System Developers/Analyst

The number of system developer and analyst vacancies increased by 11%, again proving how much businesses rely on their tech systems. With a constantly developing and evolving world, the businesses need to keep up. A system developer/analyst can ensure businesses have processing systems that work effectively, especially during a crisis.

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IT Managers

The demand for IT managers increased by 9%. An IT manager will overlook all or the majority of company electronics networks and manage the IT department. This role could be essential for companies right now as they ensure that their business faces the least amount of disruption.

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There is still a strong demand for tech skills in the UK. Although, it’s an uncertain climate and the volume of vacancies have dropped as a result of COVID-19, the importance of e-commerce and remote working means that there are still a great number of companies that are looking to hire.  Many companies are now using remote hiring tools to interview and hire candidates. 

As with all events in world history, this helps to create many new opportunities across many sectors. Expect many new products in the health tech sector over the next 12 months and new ways of working for companies, which will further evolve the current digital revolution and consequently require tech skills.