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Top 7 tech skills for 2017

The world of IT and Technology is constantly evolving and the popularity and demand of different tech roles is always changing. While 2016 was the year of IT architecture and analytics, 2017 sees a few changes within the tech sector.

Below are the top 7 tech skills for 2017 that a lot of employers will be looking for…


2016 bought us the transformation of Cloud from a concept to full operation which means there has been a huge increase in demand for Cloud skilled professionals

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Project Management

Digital transformation has led to the increase in the number of projects within the public and private sector which means an increase in demand for Project Managers

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Data Science

Organisations are continuing to invest time and money into their data science skills due to the realisation of the governance and quality of their data

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Mobile Developer

Unsurprisingly, Android and iOS mobile developers continue to be in high demand due to the continuously high demand of smartphone devices

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Help Desk Support

Help desk support staff are in high demand and this will continue through to 2017. This demand is so high because technology is so wide spread and companies need to ensure the support is there

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IT Security

When it comes to companies, large or small, security is an ever growing threat which needs experienced professionals to constantly help prevent this. 2016 saw a number of large security threats which means more time and money will be invested into this sector in 2017 to improve this

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Companies are investing more of their time and money into BI and analytics skills to mine their data and gain a competitive advantage. Companies are desperate to turn all of their important data into information that employees can understand and turn into business.

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