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Average Business Analyst Salary

Average Business Analyst Salary

Business Analysis is a key skill that is in demand across a wide variety of industries.

A Business Analyst is expected to be well training in IT and Business, as it is the combination of business awareness and IT knowledge that enables a Business Analyst to implement new systems to improve current activities. As a Business Analyst you take on a great deal of responsibility and therefore the salary prospects can be very rewarding.

What is the average salary of a Business Analyst?

With an average salary of £53,000, a business analyst job can be a very lucrative career path. A common route into business analysis is through building up experience in either business or IT before combining the two as a Business Analyst. As a result, many starting out in the field are already experienced professionals which is a contributing factor to the starting salary being so high at £37,000.

Experienced Business Analysts can look to earn in excess of £80,000 or higher if they look to become Senior Business Analysts.

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Top locations to optimise your Business Analyst salary

Business Analysts, as with many career paths, are in the highest demand in the capital; however, other key locations outside of London include Yorkshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Leeds and Hertfordshire.

How to increase your Business Analyst salary

The financial rewards of a Business Analyst career are obvious from the average salaries mentioned above – but how can you boost your Business Analyst salary further?

You could:

  • Undertake training

Training is always a great way to help you boost your Business Analyst salary as it can help you perform better and boost your pay through pay rises or promotions, it can also help you demonstrate to employers that you are highly skilled and passionate about your chosen career path, therefore helping you should you choose to apply for a new role offering a greater salary.

There are several different training courses and qualifications that you can do to help you improve your Business Analyst salary, including:

  • CCBA – Certification of Competency in Business Analysis
  • CBAP – Certified Business Analyst Professional
  • Diploma of Business Analysis
  • BPMN – Business Process Modelling Notation

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  • Think about Contracting

Contracting is a very viable option for Business Analysts as demand for Business Analyst contractors is relatively high. Contracting can open up the possibility of earning an average daily rate of £400, making it very financially rewarding, however, as with all contract positions, there are risks involved as work may not always be constant.