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Average SAP Professional Salary

Average SAP Professional Salary

With demand for SAP professionals on the rise, the average salary that you can expect to earn in SAP jobs has managed to stay pretty stable when many other skills are seeing wages tumble.

The average salary you can expect in a SAP career is now around £55,000. If you are just entering the SAP jobs market at an entry, graduate or junior level then you should be looking to earn a salary of around £26,500, however if you have several year SAP experience behind you then you should be aiming to achieve salaries in excess of £80,000.

What is SAP?

AP or Systems Applications and Products, is a term that has become synonymised with data processing and ERP software. Originally designed and developed by engineers at IBM in the 70s, SAP has become a popular alternative to custom built ERP software and is used by a large number of companies around the globe to manage their enterprise.

SAP jobs are those that require knowledge of the SAP products and the way they work in order to advise on, implement and manage SAP software.

Top locations to optimise your SAP Salary

As with most skills and professions, the highest SAP salaries are found in London, however other key locations for top SAP salary expectations include Surrey, West Midlands, Egham, Manchester and Birmingham.

Ways to boost your SAP salary

With such rewarding salaries on offer for a career in SAP, how can you go about boosting your SAP salary?

There are a few things you can do in order to help boost your SAP salary, these include:

SAP Training

SAP themselves run a variety of training courses that can enable you to get up to speed with their latest software at varying levels. You can also access training from a number of their “Partners” who can often be more flexible to your needs and offer different types of course delivery, such as distance learning, which will enable you to continue working while you study.

Training in SAP software can be hugely beneficial to your SAP salary as it can help you prove to an employer that you are passionate about your career choice and also that you have up to the date knowledge. This can help you if you are looking for a higher paid job in a new company or a pay rise in your existing SAP job.

You can find out more about SAP Training here.

SAP Contract Jobs

Contracting isn’t for everyone but it definitely can be a great way to boost your SAP salary. Contractors are often able to charge a higher daily rate for their expertise so if you have been in the SAP industry for a while this is a very valid option if you are looking for a salary boost. Contractors do lack the security of a permanent position however so it is important to research contracting before you decide to make the leap.