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Create a Blockchain Verified CV

Technojobs has partnered with APPII - a Blockchain verification platform - to generate verified CV’s. This is a unique and innovative Blockchain solution to help jobseekers.

You can now create a verified career profile and use this to apply for jobs on Technojobs. A verified career profile is a CV that is able to be verified by employers, educational institutions and training companies using Blockchain technology.

Verification at the beginning of the recruitment process means a quicker hiring process and confidence and validity of the information you are presenting to employers.

CHECKLIST: Here’s how you can create your verified profile:

1. Create an account on Technojobs or Login to your candidate account

2. Click on ‘CVs/Letters’ and click on the ‘Create Verified CV’ link

3. Create your APPII profile on APPII website

4. Download the APPII mobile App

5. Biometrically scan yourself on the Mobile App

6. Create Intelligent profile on the APPII website

7. Request Verification of your experience and education

8. Click ‘Intelligent profile’ - Select Action – Send Profile – Send to Technojobs. The Verified CV automatically adds into your Technojobs candidate account

9. Apply for jobs using your verified CV or be found by recruiters