Blockchain jobs, salaries, trends and roles

Blockchain jobs, salaries, trends and roles

Blockchain jobs are very much a growing sector within the Technology hiring market. This is due to the huge investment globally in Blockchain technology which has the potential to disrupt so many industries. As a result of this investment the demand for Blockchain experience and knowledge is growing massively and at a rate outstripping supply.

Blockchain is the distributed ledger that powers Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is now being used for so many more commercial and public sector applications.

Blockchain in demand

Due to the fact that Blockchain is relatively new in commercial applications, there is a limited talent pool of experienced candidates and limited qualifications in the market. Therefore those that do have Blockchain experience can generate high salaries or turn to the financially attractive world of contracting.

You can view live jobs in Blockchain here.

According to Technojobs data, demand for jobs which include the word Blockchain has increased by over five times in 2019 relative to the same period in 2018!

Some of the primary job roles within the Blockchain sector may include Blockchain Developer, Blockchain Engineer and Blockchain Consultant.

Blockchain salaries 

The UK average salary for a Blockchain Developer is £68,000. The daily rate for a Blockchain Developer is £550. These are both higher rates than the average for Software Developers, reinforcing the demand v supply ratio. 

Due to demand for Blockchain, some companies may offer in house training which is a great way to build up practical knowledge for your CV in this growing tech sector.

As open-source projects, the source code for popular Blockchains is often available for reuse and adaptation. Getting involved in the projects will likely require GitHub experience, where the developers share and discuss their code.  Most of the job roles advertise seem to at least expect knowledge of Java and C++.  These are the software development skills that will provide a strong basis to grow in this sector. Cloud knowledge and IT Security skills will also enhance your potential.  

The majority of roles are in the financial sector, however, this is constantly evolving and applications in Blockchain can now be found in so many start-ups across multiple sectors including legal, recruitment, healthcare, transport and supply chain.  The ranges of companies hiring Blockchain skills are diverse, from the global brands to Banks, to Start-ups, to Government and also Academia.

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