Brexit survey shows 70% of UK tech businesses want to remain in the EU

Brexit survey shows 70% of UK tech businesses want to remain in the EU

As Britain prepares itself for June's referendum to decide whether it should remain in the European Union or not, a large number of UK tech businesses have already made their decision regarding the upcoming poll.

That decision is a resounding 'No' to leaving the EU, according to a recent survey conducted by techUK. Of the 277 tech businesses that were questioned, 70% wanted to remain in the EU whilst 15 percent wanted to leave and the remaining 15% were undecided.

One of the main reasons the majority percentage supported the decision to stay was that the UK was likely to be more appealing to foreign investors and could negotiate better trading deals with other international companies if it stayed in the EU. Another major concern is a vote to leave could potentially cause damage to businesses and create high levels of uncertainty regarding future stability.

However, the companies in favour of leaving believe that the UK could gain more flexibility in the global economy and be able to create better deals with other countries. Current EU regulations have too many rules and restrictions in place to prevent certain deals from happening according to those in favour of an EU exit.

The date for the Brexit poll is 23 June, which will give the UK public the chance to decide whether or not Britain should remain in the EU.

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