Kickstart the New Year with a New Career! (in IT)

Kickstart the New Year with a New Career! (in IT)

2016 is finally upon us and entering the new year is often an opportunity for fresh-faced, ambitious folks to reevaluate their current situation and make important lifestyle changes to help improve on their career prospects.

IT is one of the largest growing sectors in the UK and if you ever wanted to pursue a role in the fast-paced world of technology then 2016 could be your year. With reports of cyber security jobs growing and new jobs titles being created thanks to new and innovative technologies it might be good time to start thinking about starting a career in IT.

Although you can search for jobs via online IT jobs boards like Technojobs, the process to finding a new career may not happen overnight so you may want to take certain steps to improve not just your career prospects but your lifestyle too. A healthy lifestyle can attribute to better productivity in the workplace and can allow you to better focus on your specific set of skills. Promising yourself to eat well and do regular exercise has become a very popular new year's resolution for a lot of people and this can help focus and stimulate the mind.  

Following these steps with a focused mind could help make the search for a new job that much more effective and less stressful.

  • Take the time to evaluate your career and work out a plan that focuses on your personal development. Becoming certified in a specific skill is a great way to further your career and achieve greater results. The Learning People can offer IT courses and world class training to enhance your current skillset and allows you to study at a time that best suits you.
  • Your CV should also be reviewed and tailored towards the area of IT you wish to work in. Technojobs has teamed up with one of the UK’s leading online CV consultancies - Knowhow CV - to help you improve your CV and get the job you really want.
  • It's also a good idea to create a Linkedin profile and improve your social media presence online too as many employers turns to the online social platforms to further evaluate the qualities of candidates. This also means reviewing your Facebook and Twitter accounts if you believe there might be inappropriate content on there that could affect your job prospects.
  • You should research the IT industry by catching up with the latest news, developments and trends in technology. The world of tech can be overwhelming at times with a variety new changes and developments but having knowledge of the industry and where it's heading can greatly enhance your job prospects, especially in interviews.
  • If you are successful and are offered a job interview, you should not only take note of effective interview techniques and etiquette but you should also review common interview questions that might be asked that relates to the IT job role. Presentation and knowledge are the key factors to leaving a good impression in job interviews.

Overall, you shouldn't rush your search for a new career in IT so you should assess and review your options before you dive into the deep end of job searching. Technojobs has over 18,000 jobs listed from project managers to software developers and these opportunities are always present so it's very likely you will find the ideal job role for you.