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IT Recruitment in the UK

IT Recruitment in the UK

The IT industry in the UK is growing from strength to strength. Being one of the main industries leading the UK’s turn around back to economic health; recruitment in IT is rising.  

With more and more employers looking for top IT talent, it’s more important than ever to attract high quality candidates.   Despite the high levels of unemployment, demand for good IT candidates is very strong and there is a skills gap in many programming languages for the right skillset – especially for permanent roles.

Online IT Recruitment

In the tech savvy world we live in, online job posting is one of the most popular methods of advertising IT jobs.  Research shows that online job hunting is by far the number one route for IT jobseekers.

Here we look in to a few of the key reasons why online IT Recruitment can be so successful:

  • It’s cost effective. Using one of the key IT jobsites to advertise your IT job, you could expect to pay a few hundred pounds; however, more traditional methods of advertising job adverts (such as print advertising or signing up with recruitment agencies) can mean a significantly higher cost per hire.
  • It’s time effective. With online advertising your job can be live in minutes of you receiving your log in details. With most job sites your advert will be available for candidates to view immediately – meaning you could be receiving applications within minutes.
  • Targeted candidate attraction. Online IT recruitment is designed to attract IT professionals meaning that your job advert is seen by highly relevant candidates. In addition to this by advertising online, your job advert is available to candidates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, wherever they are around the world.
  • Additionally some IT jobsites will offer a searchable database of IT candidates so that employers can also be pro-active in targeting the relevant skillset/candidate background. This can also help build a talent pool of candidates for your company.

Recruitment and Technojobs

IT is a large and fragmented sector with a diverse range of skillsets.  It is important to utilise a specialist with knowledge and experience in the sector. 

Technojobs has been online since 1999 and has run recruitment marketing campaigns for so many clients including Vodafone, O2, Easyjet, Sainsbury’s, British Airways, Accenture and so many more.  We also have a network of 28 exclusive jobsites targeting specialist candidates.  If you would like to talk to one of our Account Managers regarding recruitment or salary levels please call us on 0203 151 4024.

With advertising options including premium job postings, banners and mailers and a database of over 300,000 IT professionals looking to take the next step in their career, you can get your IT job live today by clicking here or contacting  our sales team on 0203 151 4024 or email : [email protected]