Choosing a Job Board

Choosing a Job Board

Choosing a job board suitable for your online advertising campaign is important.

The main objective for any advertiser is to pick out which job boards are going to render the best results for their specific market.

What is a job board?

A job board is similar to the recruitment advertising section of a newspaper or magazine. They advertise many jobs from a combination of employers and agencies. Just like a magazine or newspaper, they may be focused on a level of competence, on regions or on specific sectors. There may be additional information in the form of articles (such as this) and press releases to provide support to candidates and recruiters.

Investigating the job board

When choosing a job board to advertise with it is sometimes prudent to find out how long a job board has been going and the levels of traffic it receives via targeted sources. From gaining this information it should provide you with a better insight into the likely rate of return you could expect to receive on your campaign with this company relative to the number of jobs.

Specialist or Generalist job board?

A generalist job board is a recruitment website that covers a broad range of sectors, job types and locations. A specialist job board such as Technojobs is one that targets a specific industry sector or location. Depending upon your requirements, your decision whether to use a generalist or specialist job board will be dependent upon the vacancy and the likelihood of the job board delivering you the most number of relevant candidates.

Client lists

Seeing a big blue chip company, high street brand or even a competitor advertising vacancies with a particular job board maybe a positive sign. If you do not see any clients or competitors in your market sector advertising do not fear, it could well be an advantage for you if you are the primary advertiser for a particular market sector or skill. Remember, what counts are the candidates using the site and their suitability to the jobs you are advertising.

Marketing strategies

A job boards exposure online is directly proportional to your jobs getting viewed. By finding out where the job board advertises/markets itself in order to attract new jobseekers will help you to decide if the job board is right for you. Make sure the advertising they undertake is targeted to your potential candidates. When choosing a job board it is sometimes worth putting yourself in the shoes of a candidate looking for a job. Where would you search? This will give you a good idea of where to place your advert.

A bit about Technojobs

Technojobs is an award winning IT jobsite, with over 10,000 jobs advertised monthly and 800,000 registered candidates.  We have managed recruitment advertising campaigns for Accenture, easyJet, MI5, Sky, JP Morgan and many more. has been online since 1999.