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10 benefits of including video in your job adverts

10 benefits of including video in your job adverts

In order to attract top-quality IT and tech candidates, you need to develop a clear and compelling expression of why candidates should want to join your company, and one of the best ways you can do this is through the use of video. Technojobs have a range of innovative solutions including the ability to add video content to your job adverts, to help your candidate attraction.

We’ve put together a list of 10 benefits that you can get from including video in your job adverts.

1.     Increases engagement

According to a report from Career Builder, job postings with video icons are viewed 12% more than postings without video. Humans process visuals significantly more quickly than text and retain 95% of a message while watching a video compared to only 10% when reading a text. These statistics show how effective online video is at capturing your audience's attention and keeping you at the front of their minds. Such retention is always going to be a huge competitive advantage in such a congested market.

2.     Appear more authentic

A video job description is a great way to tell a story, share your vision, and engage new and potential employees. You can use members of your team such as the hiring manager or the CEO to help represent the business as best as possible.

3.     Convey your values more clearly

A recent report revealed that 80% of UK employees consider company values important when looking for a new job. A video is a great way to share your company values as you can communicate a lot of information in a short space of time. A quick snippet can make the information about the company's culture more interesting than a lengthy block of text.  

4.     A chance to meet the team

As well as candidates seeing their work environment, they also want to see who they will be working with. Video job adverts give you the opportunity to introduce your employees in a relaxed setting. That will make things a little bit simpler for the chosen candidate either for their interview or on their first day and help them obtain a sense of the shared values of your organisation.

5.     Makes the job advert accessible

Videos make job adverts easily accessible for a number of reasons. One reason is that video content can be more accessible for those with disabilities such as visual impairments. If you include subtitles and captions in your video, it can also be accessible to those with hearing difficulties. Videos are also great for mobile users, which many people use nowadays for job hunting on the go. Video content can also be uploaded and used across your social platforms, which also allows for sharing and reaching a much wider audience.

6.     Share your diversity & inclusion

Representation in your video will help boost your diversity and inclusion. It gives you as an employer an opportunity to share your initiatives and give a voice to minority groups within your workforce. For example, if you are looking to attract more women, then asking women in your company to share their experiences will help come across as more relatable to your target market.  

Find out more about writing inclusive job adverts here.

7.     Share your workplace

Using a video in your job advert is a great way to share with potential employees where they might come to work. Within the video, you can use clips that will provide candidates with an idea of your workplace setting. This might involve filming in motion or in various locations, rather than recording in the same location, in front of plain walls, which could look boring. Keep in mind that this is an opportunity to showcase your office. By assisting them in visualising life at your organisation, you can attract top-quality candidates.

8.     They are fast and affordable to create

You don’t need to have a fancy camera or a huge production team to create your videos. Nowadays with the camera quality being so good on our phones all you will need is a phone and some editing software in order to create your job advert.

9.     It can be repurposed

Once the video is created, you can utilise it repeatedly. You can get a lot of usage out of each video, which will ultimately save you time and money, whether it's repurposing it for use on social platforms or using it across a range of relevant job advertisements. Videos are also excellent for SEO, as they increase a page's likelihood of ranking on the first page of search engine results pages by 53 times.

10. Reach more candidates

According to LinkedIn, a video is shared 20X more often than any other type of content on their platform. Beyond using it for our website, video content can be shared by your employees across social platforms to reach a wider network of people.

Video job adverts will help set you apart from your competition and will make your proposal much more memorable. Video can help you reach and attract more candidates and help present your company values in a powerful way, enhancing the candidate experience.

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