IT Jobs in Dublin

IT Jobs in Dublin

The Irish capital has seen a recent surge in its technology and business community with the number of IT jobs in Dublin growing each year.

Over the past decade many high tech companies such as IBM have set up operations in Dublin and other parts of Ireland creating a number of new Dublin jobs and Ireland jobs. These include setting up European operations for many global online companies such as Apple, Google and Facebook.

Working in Dublin

Dublin over the past few years has become a hotspot for IT professionals, especially contractors. With the recent emergence of technology companies in Ireland such as Microsoft, IBM and Intel the number of jobs requiring specialist IT skills has risen. Also situated in Dublin are the headquarters of Irelands leading banks and insurance companies as well as the Irish stock exchange.

IT professionals contracting in Dublin should qualify for certain tax credits. The exact figure is dependent on personal circumstances such as marital status, number of children etc. These tax credits act to lower the total amount of tax you pay on your salary and are usually worked out monthly.

Living in Dublin

As you would expect living in the capital of a country is more expensive then living outside and Dublin is no exception. Dublin has a range of accommodation on offer to both to buy and rent. As with most rental properties landlords are looking for the longest-term lease they can get.

Dublin is renowned for its vibrant social life and as such Dublin has become an attractive destination for tourists. As a result there are plenty of restaurants and bars to frequent although prices are not cheap. Dublin was recently ranked as the 16th most expensive city in the world to live and ranked 10th in Europe.

Applying for jobs

Just like the application process in the UK jobseekers are expected to apply for jobs in the traditional way with a CV and covering letter. Most IT jobs are now posted online and as such your application may be via an online form. If you are submitting your CV and covering letter electronically (email) it is important to highlight your relevant skills and experience whilst emphasising your interest in the role and company.

Finding an IT job in Dublin

Due to the economic growth and integration of firms in Dublin there are all types of IT jobs in Dublin requiring professional IT skills. Current IT jobs in Dublin include the expected developer and programmer roles including SAP, Oracle etc as well as Project Managers and consultants.