IT Jobs in Dubai

IT Jobs in Dubai

Dubai is one of the fastest growing and most desirable tourist and business destinations in the world. There are a variety of IT jobs in Dubai and with a fast growing economy, outstanding employment prospects and an unrivalled quality of life, it is no surprise that the city attracts thousands of IT professionals from around the world.

Dubai has become an employment hotspot for both those seeking employment and for international companies looking to relocate or establish local operations. One of the most attractive aspects to working in Dubai is the fact that there are no personal taxes levied against your income from employment. This means that if you work in Dubai you will enjoy and benefit from your entire salary.

For those seeking high quality of life and sunshine all year round Dubai is a great place to live and work. There are plenty of Dubai IT jobs for both contractors and permanent staff. Like the UK there is a high work ethic and high expectations so working in Dubai is not a holiday!

Working practices

The standard working day is eight hours, five days a week. Unlike the UK Friday is usually the day of rest and Saturday is the second day off.

The dress code for business is similar to that in the UK and Europe. Despite the heat men are expected to wear suits with a shirt and tie and women are expected to wear formal office attire.

Applying for jobs in Dubai

When searching for a career in Dubai, it is always advised to secure a position before taking the flight.

Employers in Dubai expect high-levels of formal qualifications and substantial work experience from candidates. As such, CV’s and covering letters need to be tailored to the specific job, emphasize relevant skills and experience and include any Middle Eastern work based experience or language abilities.

Initial interviews are often carried out either on the telephone or via video conference calls. Occasionally candidates are invited out to Dubai for interviews or if the company has international offices they may come to you.

Initial interviews are often brief and informal. Similar to the UK, there are selection processes and so more then one interview is common.

Living in Dubai

Dubai has a very hot climate and the heat can be quite intense especially in the summer! The cost of buying or renting a property, buying food, electronic goods or clothing is all comparable in terms of price and choice. One of the few extra costs you will incur by living in Dubai may be for air-conditioning which is an absolute must have.

For more information about living in Dubai, please click here to see our full guide.

Finding an IT job in Dubai

There are all types of IT Jobs in Dubai requiring professional skills. The jobs include the expected developer and programmer roles including SAP, Oracle, Java, C++ etc.

Some of the IT companies that have offices in Dubai include Logica CMG, KPMG, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft and Intel Corporation.