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Questions to Ask in an IT Job Interview

Questions to Ask in an IT Job Interview

Interviews aren’t only a time for employers to ask questions, as a candidate you should also be taking the opportunity to ask some questions of your own.

In fact, not asking questions is often seen as a sign of disinterest in the position. So in the interest of getting the IT jobs you’re interviewing for, here’s some helpful hints as to how to craft the best questions to ask at interview.

Don’t be shy

Being shy won’t do you any favours – show you’re interest in the company, the position, your potential new colleagues. Interested employees are often the most highly motivated and this is a very appealing quality to employers.

Do your research

To be sure the questions you ask work in your favour, make sure you do your research before you go to interview. Try and craft questions that show you know a little bit about the industry and the company itself – asking “so what exactly is it you do?” should be avoided at all costs!! The more in depth your knowledge is the better.

Avoid certain topics

Although you probably will have questions around the salary, benefits or holiday allowance, a first interview is not the time to bring up these sorts of questions. Concentrate on demonstrating what you have to offer them and keep your questions focussed on the role itself, the company and the team.

Here are a few questions that you could add to your repertoire:

  1. Is this a new position? If so, what was the reason for creating it?
  2. Do you have any concerns about my background?
  3. How would my performance be measured if I were to get this position?
  4. What do you see as the key challenges that the person in this position would face?
  5. If you were to evaluate my performance in 6-12 months time, what would make me score highly?
  6. What are the key challenges facing the company at the moment?
  7. Have you got any “go to” interview questions that you ask?