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Project Manager Interview Questions

Project Manager Interview Questions

Project Management is a skill that is required across a range of different industries, and so the interview questions and procedures in place are likely to vary a great deal from industry to industry.

However, from construction, to IT, to telecoms and further, the principles of Project Manager jobs are pretty consistent and designed to be implemented in different contexts.

A Project Manager interview is likely to look at 3 key areas:

  • You and your character
  • Your project management knowledge and experience
  • Your relevant industry knowledge and the application of your PM skills/experience to industry issues.

You and your character

The interview is likely to commence with a brief introduction to you. You may be asked about your education, hobbies, why you are interested in the particular job etc. This is a great way to connect with your interviewer.

Project Management knowledge

After a brief introduction, you could be asked a range of questions on Project Management principles and theories. To help you prepare for this part of your interview, here are a few frequently asked Project Manager Interview questions:

  • How would you define a project?

A Project is a number of tasks or activities required to be undertaken in order to achieve an end goal i.e. create a product or deliver services or results. These tasks or activities are not routine like production work, they are usually a one off.

  • Who is a stakeholder?

A stakeholder is any person, organisation or entity that has an interest in the project (whether positive or negative)

When answering this question, it could help demonstrate your understand by pointing out specific stakeholders relevant to the industry/company you are applying to.

  • Explain the Project Life Cycle

The Project Life Cycle is the term used to describe the distinct phases of a project in which certain activities must be undertaken. The phases of the Project Life Cycle are:

  1. Initiation
  2. Planning and design
  3. Execution and construction
  4. Monitoring and controlling systems
  5. Completion
  • What is a Project Charter?

A project charter is the document that defines the project. It details the top level requirements and outcomes and requires authorization before a project can commence.

  • What is RAID?

RAID is an acronym for Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies.

  • What is a milestone?

A milestone is a point in the project where an objective or a key part of an objective is achieved. Milestones are used to measure the progress of the project as it is being undertaken.

Industry knowledge and the application of project management knowledge

The final section of the interview is likely to look back at the first two sections and relate them to your specific industry and/or the specific project that you would be managing. A good tip would be to ensure that you have done some thorough research in to the company that you are interviewing with as this will enable you to tailor your answers and will demonstrate how much you want the job, making you stand out from the crowd.