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Tips to Pass a Job Interview with Flying Colours

We all know interviews can be daunting and it may seem hard to prepare for an interview for a job that you may not know too much about.

Even if you do, you are not psychic; you don’t know what they are going to ask. These interview tips may seem like the obvious tips for an interview, but it’s interesting how many people forget the simple things when they have a job interview.

Make sure the simple things are all up to date and together. This can include your CV, references and a portfolio or sample of previous work if requested.

Research about the company- they will always ask you what you know about the company and you need to be as prepared as possible. Also, research as much about the job role as you can and make sure you know as much as you can about what the role entails.

Take a look through common interview questions and practice your answers. For some help with interview questions click here.

Make sure you are wearing something smart but also make sure you are comfortable- this is crucial for an interview as they will be able to sense discomfort.


Make sure you plan your route to the interview so you can be sure to give yourself plenty of time to make sure you are there at least 10 minutes before, if not 15.

Be prepared

Take a pen and paper with you with pre written questions you have to ask them. This will make you look interested in the role if you ask them questions. Also so you can write down notes about the role for your own use.

Body language

Make sure you make eye contact (but don’t stare them out), make sure you smile, speak clearly.

If the interviewer asks you a negative question e.g. about a previous bad grade or job you haven’t enjoyed, turn the answer into a positive by explaining what you have learnt from the negative experience. They don’t expect you to be perfect.

You need to make sure you come across enthusiastic about the role and persuade them that you are the best fit for the role and that they can trust you to take up that role as well as showing them what you can do for the company.

Make sure you are prepared and good luck!