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C# Interview Questions

C# Interview Questions

Preparing for an interview is always important; however, when the interview is for C# jobs, it is likely you will face a technical grilling as well as the more normal career aspirations and personal questions.

To help you out, here is a list of common C# interview questions. (A link to the answers can be found at the bottom)

  1. Can multiple catch blocks be executed?
  2. What is the .NET datatype that allows the retrieval of data by a unique key?
  3. What is the advantage of using System.Text.StringBuilder over System.String?
  4. What is a delegate?
  5. What is a multicast delegate
  6. How do you generate documentation from the C# file commented properly with a command-line compiler?
  7. What does assert() do?
  8. What is the difference between the Debug class and Trace class?
  9. Explain ACID rule of thumb for transactions.
  10. Which one is trusted and which one is untrusted?
  11. Why would you use untrusted verification?
  12. What does the parameter Initial Catalog define inside Connection String?
  13. What is the data provider name to connect to Access database?
  14. What does the Dispose method do with the connection object?
  15. What is a pre-requisite for connection pooling?

To view the answers click here.

Remember, when answering C# interview questions, replying in a concise yet specific manner can demonstrate confidence and knowledge.

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Good luck!