Top 10 social isolation ideas and activities for techies

Top 10 social isolation ideas and activities for techies

It’s a new and a strange world and we must do what we can to keep ourselves and each other safe. The new norm is working from home, being in social isolation and staying inside unless it’s necessary to go out. Although, this can be a difficult time, one of the main positives is that you have the time to do things you normally would not have been able to do. The Coronavirus has brought the whole world to a halt and it’s almost as if time has stood still. So, why not take advantage of it and make the best out of a terrible situation.

If you are doing your best to socially distance yourself and remain in isolation, here are the top 10 social isolation ideas and activities for techies to keep you entertained and help you be productive.

1. Upskilling

Now might be the time for you to add to your skillset and invest in your career. You will most likely either be working from home or have time off work due to the coronavirus, which means you have more spare time. Use your time wisely and be productive. The course/qualification/training you decide to take on will be unique to you, so do your research to identify how best you can add to your skillset.

The Learning people offer a variety of IT courses which you can check out. If you are looking to switch fields or want something new, then here are the most in-demand IT and tech skills for this year to inspire you.

2. Career planning

Now may be the perfect time to take a step back and plan your next role or career move. Here are some of the key actions you can take to be proactive in planning your career:

  • Decide on what you want from your job - Do you want progression? Do you want to move to a different field? Do you want more flexibility? Reflect on your current situation, which will help you develop your career plan.
  • Update/improve your CV – you can either do this yourself or get a professional to look at your CV to help you stand out and secure your next role.
  • Apply for jobs - You may think that companies aren’t hiring. Although some companies have halted their recruitment, there are still a great number of brands still looking for their next employee. Make your move.

3. Virtual networking

Everyone should be practising self-isolation, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t network. Networking can be hard and it can be difficult to dedicate time to it. However, now is a perfect time, so if you are not already on LinkedIn, create yourself a profile and start engaging with those in your industry. You should also consider joining relevant forums to engage with others like yourself. For example, if you are an IT contractor, you might want to join the Contractor UK forum.

4. Catch up on Netflix

Have you had friends and family recommend movies and TV shows that you’ve never had time to watch? Well, now is the perfect time to relax, unwind and catch up on some well needed Netflix (or any other streaming service of your choice) time. Here are some series/movies that techies may enjoy:

  • The IT Crowd - A hilarious British sitcom based on a London office around three main members of the IT department. Series 1-4 are viable on Netflix and on Channel 4 On Demand.
  • Mr Robot – The show is based on a cybersecurity engineer by day and a white-hat hacker by night. Starring Rami Malek, one of the most recent successful actors, this show is great for techies. You can find series 1-4 on Amazon Prime Video.
  • Black Mirror - The question is, why have you not already seen it? It’s one of the most hyped and talked about shows on Netflix. The show looks at the consequences of technology. Series 1-5 are available on Netflix.

5. Podcasts

Podcasts are the latest craze, with bloggers and influencers jumping on board and creating podcasts. Podcasts are great all-round as you can listen to them in the background without having to concentrate, or watch as you go. So, here are some of the best podcast for techies:

  • GeekBeat.TV (HD MP4-30fps) by Revision3 – This podcast gives you the latest on the new tech gadgets on the market.
  • TEDTalks Technology by By TEDTalks - Some of the leaders from the tech world give their insights, share their visions and give demos.
  • This Week in Tech By Leo Laporte – The title is self-explanatory, keep up with the latest news and trends with the host and other guests.
  • There are also several podcasts specifically for Women in Tech, which you can check out here.

6. Read a book

Everyone should read more. Reading can give be a relaxing, insightful activity that you won’t regret putting time into. You don’t have to read tech textbooks (unless you’re into that), try reading something that’s been recommended to you or something you have always wanted to read.

If you’re not much of a reader, then you can also listen to audiobooks, which are a great alternative.

7. Workout

It’s important to stay fit so make sure that you are spending some time working out. Since the lockdown you have probably noticed everyone has started to posting their home workout routines, so why not follow one. It can be difficult to stay fit, especially when you are advised to stay indoors, however, getting a workout in can do wonders for your mental health.

8. Keep up with family/friends

Being in isolation can be lonely. You’re probably lucky if you are self-isolating with family or roommates, if you are alone then make sure to keep in touch with your loved ones. Schedule in time with your colleagues and facetime family and friends.

9. Practice/teach your skills

Whether you are stuck indoors with your children, family or other people try to learn something new each day. This does not have to be a complex programming language, it can even be a new word. Get everyone involved and hold a class and teach everyone something they don’t already know.

10. Gaming

It might be a bit stereotypical to assume that if you are techie, you’ll be into gaming, however, if you want to, you can get involved in the gaming world. You can watch gaming YouTube videos, which is are huge in the gaming world. There are gaming YouTubers who have millions of subscribers. Alternatively, you can start gaming yourself, and maybe even do this with family and friends to feel connected.

We hope that you are keeping safe and doing your best for yourself and those around you. You can keep up with the latest news on COVID-19 from the Government here. Self-isolating can be boring/lonely, however, try to make the most out of your time. We hope that we have inspired you to do something today.

Stay safe.

From team Technojobs.