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Top IT contract jobs in 2023

Top IT contract jobs in 2023

IT contractors are becoming an increasingly popular option for companies hiring, and for good reason. IT contractors can offer businesses flexibility without long-term commitment, it saves them costs, and can provide a specialised skill set for short-term projects. The use of contract workers can help companies to stay agile and adapt quickly to changing market conditions while filling a skills shortage on a temporary basis.

We’ve put together a list of some of the IT contract jobs for 2023.

1. Applications Support Engineer

As companies rely more heavily on software applications to run their operations, the need for Application Support Engineers is increasing. They are responsible for any troubleshooting issues, identifying and resolving technical problems, monitoring application performance, and ensuring that the system meets the agreed-upon service level agreements. Application Support Engineers also work closely with Developers to ensure that software applications are designed and implemented in a way that is easy to maintain and support.

The average daily rate for an Applications Support Engineer is £550

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2. Cybersecurity Consultant

Cybersecurity threats are on the rise, and companies are looking to hire experts to protect their systems and data from hackers. Cybersecurity Consultants play a critical role in helping companies protect their data and intellectual property, comply with regulatory requirements, and mitigate the financial and reputational damage that can result from a cyberattack.

The average daily rate for a Cybersecurity Consultant is £550

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3. Data Analyst

The demand for Contract Data Analysts is growing as companies recognise the value of data-driven decision-making. Contract Data Analysts are often hired to support specific projects or process improvements. They are responsible for collecting, cleaning, and organising the data, and performing statistical analysis to uncover insights and trends, all of which will lead to better business decisions.

The average daily rate for a Data Analyst is £400

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4. Embedded Software Engineer

Embedded Software Engineer jobs are increasing due to the rise of embedded systems in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, and medical devices. Embedded systems typically have limited memory and processing power, and therefore the Engineers need to design the software in a way that optimises performance and efficiency.

The average daily rate for an Embedded Software Engineer is £500

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5. DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineers help companies streamline their software development and deployment processes, allowing them to release software more quickly and efficiently. This role involves working closely with development and operations teams to automate processes, monitor systems, and manage infrastructure. Contract DevOps Engineers typically have a strong background in software development and IT operations, as well as experience with DevOps tools and practices. They should be proficient in programming languages such as Python, Ruby, or Java, as well as tools such as Docker and Kubernetes.

The average daily rate for a DevOps Engineer is £580

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6.IT Support

IT Support contractors are responsible for ensuring that the IT infrastructure of the organisation is running smoothly, and that employees can use the technology efficiently. They will need to help with tasks including troubleshooting issues, maintenance, and installation. Smaller companies who cannot afford to hire a single IT Support worker, will rely on contractors to help for a period of hours during the working week.

The average daily rate for IT Support is £170

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7.  Risk Manager

A Risk Manager contractor is often hired by a company for large scale projects where there is risk involved. Risk Managers can be hired for a number of different reasons whether it’s cyber risk, operational risk, or market risk. Risk Managers need to have a detailed understanding of the most up to date rules and regulations around the risks they are assessing. A Risk Manager also needs excellent attention to detail as they will need to identify risks that could impact the reputation, safety, security, or financial success of the organisation.

The average daily rate for a Risk Manager is £650

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8.  Design Engineer

A Design Engineer Contractor will often be hired to help work on projects where they may only be required for short-term period, such as a product launch. They are responsible for designing, developing, and testing new products, systems, and processes, as well as improving existing ones. Their duties may include creating 2D and 3D models, conducting feasibility studies, performing simulations, and working closely with cross-functional teams to ensure that designs meet customer requirements and industry standards.

The average daily rate for a Design Engineer is £500

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9. Business Analyst

A Business Analyst is responsible for analysing business requirements, identifying areas for improvement, and developing solutions to improve business processes and operations. Their duties may include conducting market research, creating business models, analysing data, and working closely with stakeholders to develop and implement business strategies. Contract Business Analysts can provide an outside perspective on a company's operations and processes, which can help identify areas for improvement and provide unbiased recommendations. They can help companies to grow and encourage innovation.

The average daily rate for a Business Analyst is £490

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10. Cloud Engineer

With an increasing number of companies shifting to cloud-based systems, the demand for skilled Cloud Engineers is likely to increase in 2023. Cloud engineering is a highly specialised field and requires expertise in particular cloud platforms and technologies. Companies may hire them to provide guidance and support in areas where they lack internal expertise. Contract Cloud Engineers are often hired to help companies design and implement scalable solutions that can grow with their business.

The average daily rate for a Cloud Engineer is £500

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These are just a few examples of IT contract jobs. The technology industry is constantly evolving, and new roles may emerge as new technologies are developed and adopted.

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