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Top 5 Soft Skills in Tech for 2022

Top 5 Soft Skills in Tech for 2022

When it comes to a career in the tech industry, companies will often look at what hard skills you already have, whether it’s a qualification in coding or previous experience with data management. However, it is always important to be able to demonstrate your soft skills too and how you have applied them in your previous roles. Here are the 5 top soft skills to think about for when you are looking for your next role in the tech industry:


Often in the IT industry, complex jargon is used to discuss the work you might be undertaking. Therefore, it is important to be able to know your audience and understand how to successfully exchange information and ideas to colleagues whether this is face to face or via email. You will also need to be able to actively listen to your colleagues’ problems to help provide a proper solution, this skill is particularly important for an IT Support role.


Problem Solving & Decision Making

Problem solving skills are key to all IT roles. Day to day you will come across situations that require adaptability and analytical thinking. It is important to be able to have a logical approach, which will help you make decisions and produce the most appropriate solutions. It will also allow you to spot any potential pitfalls yet to come, ultimately helping you become more productive in the future. These decision-making skills will demonstrate confidence and leadership qualities too. A role in Quantity Surveying or Software Development  are well suited to anyone who exceeds in these skills.



To succeed in any role, you need to be self-motivated, to want to continuously learn and adapt. The tech industry is constantly growing and changing so to be able to keep on top of trends is vital. Employers will value curiosity and a passion to learn as it shows you want to help the company develop and succeed.


Collaborative Working

Collaborative working allows employees to share information, build healthy workplace relationships, and work more effectively to achieve a common goal. With more companies introducing a hybrid working model it is becoming increasingly important to be able to maintain these working relationships.



In any IT role, you will need to be able to work on multiple projects at once. This means you will need to be able to organise your time effectively by managing deadlines, establishing procedures, and prioritising tasks. Often work in technology can take longer than expected or you can come across obstacles, but with careful planning you should be able to assess a timeline and schedule for a successful project. Organisational skills are particularly key for anyone looking for a role in Project Management 


These are just some of the top soft skills that are important to be able to demonstrate when interviewing for a tech job in 2022. Most soft skills are transferable, so even if you are new to the tech industry, you should be able to use past experiences as examples of the skills in practice.