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Top 10 programming languages and the IT jobs you’ll need them for

Top 10 programming languages and the IT jobs you’ll need them for

According to the Online Historical Encyclopaedia of Programming Languages, there have been nearly 9,000 programming languages created since the early 1800s. Of course, many of these languages are outdated and no longer used in modern-day technology. Amongst the 9,000 created, the list of the most popular ones used today spans around 150, which includes Python, Java, C, C++ and many more.

Each language is designed for specific platforms and operating systems, so depending on the career path you decide to take you need to make sure you learn the right ones. In this article, we look at the best programming languages to learn based on your career path.

Web Development

1.     JavaScript

JavaScript is regarded as the web's primary programming language, it is used to create websites, video games, and mobile apps. JavaScript is a front-end and back-end friendly programming language that makes it easier to carry out complicated activities while enhancing website interactivity and unique effects, including clickable buttons and on-page audio and video.

JavaScript is one of the easier programming languages to learn and is user-friendly, it is a lightweight scripting language, and it is used to make web pages interactive.

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2.     SQL

SQL stands for Structured Query Language, and it is used to manage a database that drives data to the website. In web development, it helps in optimising and maintaining the data within the database. It is an open-source programming language that is used to build a relational database management system. It also has the ability to handle large records and handle numerous transactions at one time.

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3.     Java

Java is a programming language that is frequently used for web development, particularly on the server-side. Java web apps are internet-based distributed programmes. Java web development enables you to build dynamic web pages with user-interactive interfaces.

Although it shares a similar name to JavaScript, they are not the same. Java is a class-based programming language and is used in JVM (Java Virtual Machine) that allows Java programs to run on any platform. 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Java for building applications and back-end systems. This is why Java developers are in high demand.

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Other languages to learn for web development include Python, C#, and PHP.

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Web Design

4.     PHP

PHP is a general-purpose scripting language used primarily for server-side web development. It is fast, simple, and platform-independent, along with a large open-source software community. Businesses use PHP to build online apps, eCommerce platforms, and content management systems. Additionally, PHP makes it incredibly simple to instantly generate web pages.

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Other languages to learn for web design include JavaScript and TypeScript.

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Mobile App Development

5.     C#

C# is a more intermediate programming language developed by Microsoft and is used to develop web apps, desktop apps, mobile apps, games, and much more. It also offers faster compilation and execution along with excellent scalability. C# is extremely popular in mobile app and video game development; it is also used in enterprise software. So, if you are proficient in C#, you will not only be able to work across a variety of channels, but you will have plenty of job opportunities available to you.

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6.     Swift

Swift was created by Apple in 2014, it is a compiled programming language for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and Linux applications. Swift is set to become the dominant language for iOS development, hence why it is a popular language for mobile app developers. It is popular due to its simplicity, which allows for less code and therefore less development time. It is also scalable and allows for quick debugging, which means developers can instantly define and fix code errors, minimising the risks of deploying low-quality code.

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7.     Kotlin

Whilst iOS developers use Swift, Android developers use Java or Kotlin. Kotlin is a faster, sleeker version of Java that runs in the Java Virtual Machine. Kotlin is useful for applications that run on both iOS and Android, programs that don’t use additional runtime or virtual machines, and server-side applications.

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Other languages to learn for mobile app development include Java, JavaScript, C#.

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Game Development

8.       C++

C++ is similar to Java as it is also an effective object-oriented programming language. However, it is one of the most challenging languages to learn but once you understand it, you can develop high-quality games. This language is extremely effective for gaming engines since it helps in the direct control of graphic and hardware processes. Additionally, it can also highly optimise particular settings, resulting in improved user experience and game performance. This distinguishes C++ from the majority of other programming languages and enables it to create large-scale console games.

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Other languages to learn for game development include JavaScript, C# and TypeScript.

Software Development

9.     Python

Python is currently the most popular programming language as it is easy to learn and versatile, it is an excellent language for beginners. It can be used to build almost anything; however, it works particularly well when it comes to working on technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Data Analytics.

Python is the ideal choice for ML and AI projects as it is easy to learn and understand, flexible, has platform freedom, access to excellent libraries and frameworks for ML, and a large community to offer advice and support.

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Other languages to learn for software development include C#, JavaScript, SQL, and Java.

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Data Science

10. R

R is the best programming language for projects requiring extensive data analysis and data modelling. R was designed by statisticians for statistical analysis, and it remains the most popular language for those who work with data and analytics. R’s syntax makes it easy to create complex statistical models with just a few lines of code, it also integrates well with other programming languages. R is used for behaviour analysis, data science, and Machine Learning projects that involve classification, clustering, and more.

Other languages to learn include Python, SQL, JavaScript and Java.

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As you can see there are a variety of programming languages and every programming language has its own set of benefits, depending on the career path you decided to take. So be sure to do your research to make sure you are learning the right languages to help you excel in your career.

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