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Finding an IT Job in the UK

Finding an IT Job in the UK

If you're skilled in a specific IT field such as web development or data analysis and are thinking about finding IT Jobs in the UK than we've provided information and advice to get you started.

The UK has one of the largest economies in Europe and has become a popular working destination for national and international workers alike. 

Infact, 40 percent of the increase in employment over the past years has been between non-UK nationals. As expected, the most popular location is London and boasts 10 times more jobs than any other part of the country.

Work Visas and Permits

If you're from the EU, EEA or Switzerland and have a valid passport or ID card, you won't need a visa or work permit to find employment in the UK. This may vary for newer EU members like Croatia which requires a registration certificate to determine whether you need permission to work in the UK or what your plans are.

If you're from a nation outside of this then you'll most likely need a visa to come to the UK and work. Each country can have a different process so you can find out more and usually apply via your British embassy. You will need a work permit to work in the UK which your employer has to apply for on your behalf. The UK has different visas but for an IT role it would usually be a Type 2 visa. You can find out more about applying for a visa for an IT role by clicking here.

Working Requirements in the UK

If you want a well-paid or professional job in IT it's important you have a good grasp of English as communication is a common aspect in this sector. Having a second language (other than English) can prove to be a big advantage for any company that does business in another country and you might prove to have more chance of a job than a British national. If your English language isn't proficient enough you may need to take a language test that meets the Home Office requirements.

Qualifications and experience will no doubt give you a better chance too. Your qualifications and skills will be different to those of a British national so you can check them online using a tool such as UK Naric that compares your qualifications to see if they satisfy the necessary requirement. However, most IT qualifications are globally consistent.

What's it like to work in the UK?

As for the working environment and culture you'll find that the British office can vary significantly. Some offices can be a quiet and reserved cubicle area that has the occasional phone ringing whereas another office could be an open, busy office where the radio is playing Kiss.fm and colleagues are talking about last night's ludicrous display of football. It really can depend on the company you work for as the UK doesn't have a set display of rules or ethics for the office workplace apart from the expected rules of conduct and respect for each other.

When it comes to working, the British tend to have a lot of meetings and are usually planned way in advance. Your direct manager can also have their own unique style of managing. Some may prefer to micro-manage and outline every aspect of your work and how it should be done with frequent check-ups. Others might apply a more respective philosophy by leaving you to your work with the only expectation that you meet your deadline or have good reason for prolonging your work. The hierarchy of the UK office can vary and you'll find that you may not be reporting to one person but two, three or more.

As you can see, the British workplace doesn't have a consistent set of ethics or rules but the majority are respectful to employees' beliefs, cultures and ways of life. When you interview for a company it is not uncommon to be told of the workplace environment and company culture so you can get an idea of the type of place you could find yourself working.

How much could I earn?

According to Technojobs data, the average UK salary in Information Technology is £35,337. Of course, a salary varies massively on experience, skills and location with jobs in London likely to pay more. The average rate of a contractor working in the UK could earn up to £400 a day.

Finding an IT job in the UK

If you would like your next career move to be in the UK and are intending to make the move soon you can view what IT jobs are available on Technojobs and apply directly online. You can also receive job alerts to straight to your inbox once an ideal job becomes available to you.