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Average Data Analyst Salary

Average Data Analyst Salary

The main responsibilities of Data Analyst jobs are the inspecting, cleaning, transforming and modelling data in order to highlight key elements of the data, suggest conclusions and help support in the decision making process.

However, a Data Analyst will often take on extended responsibilities as nowadays they are also expected to possess a certain degree of technical expertise (for example with reporting systems or automatic data collection), troubleshooting knowledge and a good understanding of security measures. As well as dealing with the data itself, Data Analysts are also often encouraged to make predictions or projections of future patterns or trends taking in to consideration current market or economic conditions.

Data Analyst salary expectations

Data Analysts are highly skilled professionals and as a result are often well paid. The average salary for a data analyst in the UK is £35,000 – however with experience you can expect to be earning in excess of £55,000.  Experienced Data Analysts also have the possibility of promotion to Senior Data Analyst which opens up your earning potential even further.

Top locations to optimise your Data Analyst salary

With many careers, jobs in London offer the best earning potential and Data Analysis is no different. Other key locations where you can optimise your Data Analyst salary include Hertfordshire, Hampshire, Yorkshire, Surrey and Leeds.

Top Skills in Data Analysis

Data Analysts are nowadays expected to have a good knowledge of quite a few technical skills, as well as database technologies and obviously analysis tools or methodologies. For example:

  • SQL
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Warehousing
  • SAS
  • VBA
  • Oracle

Ways to boost your Data Analyst salary with qualifications

As with most career paths, if you can prove your knowledge of a subject and your interest in it, you are usually able to reach the higher levels of salary expectations within that field. Many Data Analysts will already have a degree; however there are several other courses you can undertake, including a masters and other industry courses such as MS Excel training and Microsoft SQL training.

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