Robotics Job Roles

Robotics Job Roles

Society is experiencing an unprecedented level of technological change and this provides robotic specialists a great opportunity to get in to the heart of it. The number of industries investing into robotics is constantly increasing, therefore, with that rise, the demand for employees to build and maintain these robotics grows. Industries including aerospace, manufacturing, agriculture and finance have already invested millions into robotics. Below is a list of jobs that are often in high demand in relation to robotics jobs.

Software Engineer

Applying the principles of software engineering, a specialist uses these to improve the design, development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of the software within robotics. Additionally they tend to specialize in a few areas of development, such as networks, operating systems, databases or applications, and each area requires fluency in its own set of computer languages and development environments.

Robotics Perception and Navigation Specialist

Often employers seek candidates who completely grasp the applied skill of transforming and fusing data from stereo-cameras, LIDAR and IMU’s to enable the robotic and data analysis to work. Companies tend to look for people who have graduated at Ph.D. level, have some post-doc experience, particularly in machine vision and mobile robotics. Tasks often include concept development and engineering.

Electrical Maintenance Engineer

As an Electrical Maintenance Engineer one would be expected to provide electrical repair and maintenance skills. This would include fault analysis and identification to facilitate repairs and improve standards. Simply put; the role expects the candidate to carry out planned, preventive and routine maintenance on their production machinery.

Design Engineer

In this role, one would be expected to design a range of robotic and automation products. On top of this design engineers will research products, their materials, and make sure the product specifications are met. Although it does depend on the industry, the role tends to be very autonomous, in that the design engineer will see the product through the design stage all the way up to the development stage, where it will be passed on to manufacturing partners.

Machine Learning Specialist

Machine learning is an integral part of robotics, as it requires candidates to develop and apply Machine Learning based analysis for large data processing problems and live robot analysis of complex scenes. The use of machine learning in robotics can break new ground, and therefore most companies are looking for candidates who are passionate towards the vast potential it offers.  

Robot Programmer

Robot programmer’s careers are often very detail orientated, and making one minor mistake can cause chain reaction effects. Therefore, most employers often look for candidates with a degree in either computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or something along those lines. Frequently the role includes system work including customer support and training, robotic programming and working on robotic wielding equipment. Similarly, often a candidate needs to be a high level robot programmer who has MIG process knowledge and relevant electrical qualifications.

Software Developer

Software developers are the creative minds behind the robotics. Some develop the applications that allow the robotics to carry out specific tasks, while others develop the underlying systems that run the robotics. In robotics the software developer will be playing a key role in the design, installation, testing and maintenance of the systems.

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