How much can I earn in Machine Learning?

How much can I earn in Machine Learning?

When starting off in any job, it is important to know how much you can earn and how easy it is to earn a higher salary. Within Machine Learning, there are jobs which offer the opportunity to earn a very generous salary, but similar to most jobs, the more experience you have, the more you will earn.

Machine Learning is a part of computer science that has come from the study of computational learning theory and pattern recognition. It explores the study and structure of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on data. Machine Learning is very common today and is being made use of in a variety of businesses. A number of Machine Learning jobs are related to engineering and research. For example Machine Learning engineers can be made use of for their skills in Deep Learning and Vision Processing.

In general, the range in salary in Machine Learning can be between £33,750 anywhere up to around £96,250 for an experienced Machine Learning engineer. The typical starting salary is normally between £33,750 and £38,500 with an average salary of £60,000 per year.

The average salary can also depend on the area of the job. Below are some average starting salaries for major cities in the UK:

·         London- £67,500

·         Manchester- £53,250

·         Edinburgh- £67,500

·         Glasgow- £45,000

·         Birmingham- £60,000

·         Leeds- £57,500

·         Nottinghamshire- £57,500

In order to earn more within Machine Learning, it is most beneficial to gain experience and skills in relation to using Java and time series analysis methods. This will increase your abilities to provide a wider range of services to offer. As well as this it is beneficial to build up a portfolio of your experience that you can demonstrate to employers and clients.

The hours can be fairly flexible with Machine Learning. The normal hours worked are generally 9-5.30 but extra hours are always there to take if need be and if there is a project that needs to be finished by a certain deadline.

Due to the increasing use of Machine Learning in a variety of industries, the demand for employees with the ability to research and engineer it is constantly increasing. Therefore as demand rises, the wages that employees can get offered increases with it.

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