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J2ee Jobs

J2ee or “Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition” is a Java computing platform designed by Sun to provide an API and runtime environment for programming enterprise software. The Java Platform is a virtual machine that translates computerized instructions into functions. It allows programmers to develop code that can be communicated cross-platforms allowing code developed on a PC to run on mobiles, routers or any other java enabled device.

Salaries for J2ee Jobs

Salaries for J2ee jobs have remained very stable for the last few years with only a small blip during the 2009 recession. The average salary for an IT professional with J2ee skills is around 40,000, however with sufficient experience you could expect to earn over 60,000.

Starting salaries for those looking for J2ee jobs are typically around 28,000. As with most IT jobs, location will have a big influence on salary expectations, the highest salaries tending to be found in London.

Other skills requested in J2ee Job adverts

Java - as of 2012, one of the most popular programming languages in web applications
Spring - the most popular application development framework for use with Java
SQL - a programming language designed for data management
Oracle -
XML - created to structure, store and transport data - readable by either man or machine
JavaScript - commonly used scripting language, still increasing in popularity
Linux - open source operating system

Top locations for J2ee Jobs

As you would expect with most web jobs, the greatest demand is for J2ee Jobs in London, with other top locations including Berkshire, Manchester, Yorkshire, Hertfordshire, Surrey and Scotland.

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