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targIT is a social platform used to increase exposure and engagement for your employer brand and recruitment campaigns. Reach out to a passive and targeted audience.


1. First we find out exactly who you want to target to make sure your campaign targets the right audience. Audiences include:

Skills & Job title





2. targIT uses a variety of social channels to reach the target market

We use our own historic campaign data, existing audience data and our established social channels alongside pro-active demographic targeting. This is used to target individuals that match your preferences and objectives via social channels. Additionally we use the data insights to help grow the audience and create ‘lookalikes’. The channel mix is constantly monitored and tweaked to maximise results.

3. Objectives. We agree your objectives upfront and agree minimum targets to achieve which are guaranteed. The campaign will continue until these are reached.



talk talk


TalkTalk are working on increasing the amount of women working in their tech team. They came to us for help. For this campaign we targeted gender, location and relevant skills. The results from their targIT campaign were as follows:
Impressions: 122,000
Engagements: 980
Engagement rate: 0.80%


£2,000 + vat - Minimum 500 engagements and 100,000 impressions

£3,500 + vat - Minimum 1,500 engagements and 250,000 impressions


What assets do you use?

Assets can include Videos or Image advertising. Campaign assets and messaging are agreed up front as are the impression and engagement targets. Campaign make-up can be tweaked based on your key objectives.

What landing page is utilised?

This can be a profile on Technojobs or Womenintech, job listings on our sites or your careers website.

What target markets work well with targIT?

Audiences can be tailored to your requirements. Hard to reach audiences work particularly well where standard job advertising can be difficult. Additionally targIT can be used to support volume recruitment or employer branding campaigns where there is a mass hiring target.

targIT works well when targeting gender diversity candidates i.e. Women in Tech where we have significant experience. The campaign can also be geo targeted or skill specific, such as targeting developers.

If you would like to find out more about our solutions, candidate stats, case studies or average salaries you can speak to one of our team via phone or email.
We are happy to help you get the most from your recruitment campaign, provide advice and save you time by posting your jobs.

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