The General Data Protection Regulation comes into force as of the 25th May 2018 so we have put together some common questions you may have about using Technojobs.

What has Technojobs done to ensure GDPR compliance?

We have taken the necessary steps provided through seeking professional advice. Technojobs always ensure that candidates have transparency on how their data is stored, processed and used.

What jobseeker data do you collect?

The jobseeker provides personal data including name, email address, and other relevant data including a CV if applicable. There are other non-mandatory fields that can be included to help with your job seeking.

How can a candidate manage their data?

Candidates can log into their accounts and manage their job alerts, newsletters and cancel their account at anytime. If there are any issues with this process or it is not clear candidates can email [email protected] anytime. Technojobs responds to candidates within 24 hours wherever possible.

Can I see where my data has gone?

All job application emails are instigated by a candidate so it is very transparent where your CV has been sent. Additionally Technojobs will send you an email informing you of which employer or recruiter has received your CV. Application History can also be found in your candidate account.

Approved employers and recruitment agencies also may find your CV in our CV Database if your profile is visible. Technojobs is working towards making it visible to candidates on those companies that have viewed or downloaded your CV. This information can be provided by emailing [email protected] - Note that only approved employers or recruiters can use the CV Database for employment related services. All activity is audited.

Are you a data controller or processor?

Technojobs are a data controller.

How long do you store candidate data for?

We store jobseeker data for as long as we feel it is necessary for the purpose for which it is stored, which is to find someone employment. Jobseekers maintain their own accounts by registering themselves and deleting themselves when they wish to do so. If jobseekers want to be removed, they can do this themselves at any time in their candidate account or email us to do it on their behalf.

How do candidates request further information or deletion?

Jobseekers can contact us about their personal data via email [email protected]

How does Technojobs maintain a secure and safe storage of data?

Our systems are protected against unauthorised access using the latest firewalls, software and other security devices. Users only have access to relevant data and this is secured via authentication.

If there is a data breach, what happens?

If we discover or are notified about a data breach, we will take the necessary steps to report this to the Data Subject and the Information Commissioners’ Office (ICO).

What documents have you reviewed and what else have you done?

For the purpose of GDPR, we have updated our Privacy Policy alongside other data polices including deletion, portability, data protection, DSAR and objection. Additionally all staff have been trained on GDPR.

How do you ensure that you are not registering candidates under 16 year olds?

Upon external advice, Technojobs does not ask for date of birth on registration to avoid any discrimination in recruitment. Technojobs services are not targeted or relevant to anyone under the age of sixteen. We will always review this policy constantly to ensure compliance.

The basis of our services is careers related so we will only provide you with information relevant to your career. If you have any questions, please get in touch anytime: [email protected].