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Searching for IT Jobs on Technojobs

Our search system allows you to narrow down the jobs shown to help you find the best matching entries for your requirements. All job boards tend to work differently so here is a run down on the search system we use and what you can do to narrow down search results.


Keywords are the words and phrases you want to be in the jobs that we return for your search. We use a Boolean search system that you will probably be aware of already but here is a quick overview incase you are new to this method.

AND / OR Operators:
You can use the AND / OR operators to narrow down your result set. If you search for more than one keyword the system will automatically treat this as an AND query. So if your keywords field contains:

java perl

The system will search for:

java AND perl

So will display only jobs that contain both java and perl in the job:

If you want to find jobs that match either java or perl then you should use an OR query:

java OR perl

This can provide odd results if you are searching for a two word phrase - for example if you are a project manager then keywords:

project manager

Will find all jobs containing project and manager, but not necessarily next to each other:

At the time of writing this returns 5702 it jobs.

To make sure that you find jobs only containing the job title project manager then you simply need to enclose the words in quotes:

"project manager"

This has reduced the number of results found to 2576.

You can then combine quoted phrases with an AND / OR operator to refine the results.

"project manager" AND Prince2

Currently shows 368 jobs.

"project manager" or Prince2

Currently shows 2677 jobs - so there are currently 2,309 jobs that mention Prince2 but not "project manager".


You can use the Exclude field to remove IT jobs from your result set.

Keywords "project manager":

2576 results found

Keywords: "project manager" | Exclude: prince2

27208 jobs found

This shows that 368 IT jobs that contain "project manager" and prince2.

You can chain words and phrases to exclude the same as the keywords section, using quoted and non-quoted terms.

Keywords: "project manager" AND prince2 | Exclude: agile banking "project support"

This finds project manager jobs that contain Prince2 but don't contain agile, banking and project support.