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Digital Transformation Manager


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9th July




£50,000 - £60,000



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Digital Transformation Manager

Our Client is a global organisation with offices in the City of London.

You will lead the Digital Transformation (DX) team to support business units (BUs) in the EU region and drive relationship-based consultations to enhance the businesses with digital solutions, frameworks, and spearhead various digital transformation (DX) projects

Leverage the Company's experience in DX, extensive knowledge base and business networks to bring distinctive insights and new ideas in the DX space for new project formulation (with investment) as well as future-proof existing businesses in the region

Function of Position:
  • Deeply understand the individual businesses (undertaken by BUs), the needs, and consult with the person/team in charge with several DX ideas and hypotheses to add value to new investments or increase value to existing investment assets (subsidiaries/affiliates)
  • Develop short-term and long-term DX strategy in support of growth and revenue targets upon investment; Communicate various options, articulate quick wins, and tactics to realize benefits with DX for the respective business/service.
  • Strongly collaborate with DX team members and support with DX use case roll outs for different businesses in various countries
  • Conduct digital due diligence on a target company prior to investment decisions
  • Understand adequate depth and breadth of emerging tech such as AI, Big Data, blockchain, NFT, IoT or metaverse and propose the associated benefits, trade-offs, and implementation strategies to business stakeholders
  • Build innovative service and revenue models with the proposed DX ideas for the respective businesses.
  • Communicate and closely work with team members and share opinions while developing new service models and/or enhance operational efficiency with digital technologies and/or analytics
  • Continuously stay curious and up to date with the market trends/evolving tech to propose solutions for various Mitsui's businesses across assets in diverse industries
  • Establish trust with internal and external stakeholders along with the hypotheses/DX solutions sharing

  • You will be working other team members of Digital Transformation Dept
  • DX team members in the Integrated Digital Strategy Division of the Company
  • Staff working in European offices
  • Staff working in Globally
  • Good communication skills (verbal, written, and listening) in English
  • Able to act confidently, despite incomplete information; expect iteration and change; lover of new technologies, always asking "how can we do this better/differently?", "What if..", etc.
  • Ability to listen and deep-dive pain points in BUs. Be able to summarise them with frameworks
  • Ability to explain technical concepts in non-technical language. Be able to articulate and passionately present digital concepts to various stakeholders
  • Proficient in sharing ideas/concepts using PowerPoint slides to relevant stakeholders within a short span of time
  • Possess positive/proactive mindset to acquire new knowledge about business to expand his/her expertise independently
  • Patience, empathy, understanding, and common sense.
  • Ability to work as part of the team or on own initiative. Should be a self-motivated and reliable individual.
  • Ability to multi-task, manage shifting priorities and work within strict deadlines.
  • Ability to build a rapport with a wide range of people
  • Ability to naturally communicate his/her ideas with analytical, logical, and abstract reasoning skills in project discussions towards investment decisions
  • Willingness to travel and attend lunch/dinner with customers/clients when required
  • Willingness to work in other countries such as Tokyo, Dubai, Singapore, New York, etc. including short-term training preferably

  • Experience as Project Manager or Team Leader in Digital Transformation DX projects preferably in Decarbonization, Sustainability or Quality of Life
  • 5-10 years of successful track record in consultancy experience in high growth areas such as retail, healthcare, food, chemical, mobility, energy or metal.
  • Experience in business development and business planning would be beneficial.
  • Bachelor's or master's degree preferably in Engineering, Computer Science, or related degrees

The Company is based in the City of London.

The salary for this position will be in the range £50K - £60K

Please do send your CV to us in Word format along with your salary and notice period.

Contact Name:

Reference: TJ/5946/NJ0503

Job ID: 3330747

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